Emo Subculture Essay

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Ways of life
(Emo subculture)

Table of contents

1. Introduction…………………………………….1
2. Emo subculture…………………………………….1
3. History……………………………..1
4. Music ……………………………………..1
5. Fashion……………………………………….2
4.1 Clothing
4.2 Hairstyle
4.3 Make-ups and accessories
6. Lifestyle …………………………………….3
5.1 What do they believe in?
5.2 What do they do?
7. Values and attitude…………………………………..3
6.1 Viewpoint in life
6.2 Behaviour
6.3 What’s the reason behind all these?
8. Society’s point of view……………………………4
7.1 Other related subcultures
7.2.1 Gothics
7.2.2 Scenes
7.2.3 Punks
9. Conclusion………………………………….4
10. Bibliography……………………………………………5
11. Appendices …………………………………………….6-9


The purpose of this report is to introduce emo subculture and the different aspects about it. It includes the history , fashion, lifestyle, values and attitude of this particular subculture. But before anything else, what does the word subculture mean? This word will be often use later on this report and therefore its important for us to know the meaning of it. Subculture is a group of people having the same/common interest which differentiates them from a larger culture to where they belong. Subcultures can be identified by age, ethnicity, class, location and gender of the members. Different subcultures have their own styles which differentiates them from the other.
The main aim of this report is to inform the people, especially the teenagers about emo subculture.

Emo subculture

Emo short for emotional; this subculture is generally made as a group of teenagers who desperately want to escape their social life. Emos wants to be alone because they think the outside world is too much for them to socialize with. They tend to think things way too much which results to a lower self-esteem. Emos have their own style of clothing, fashion, and way of thinking. Emos usually dress in blacks. It is a way to represent themselves as an emotional person.
In today’s society, emos are viewed as a failure. The term is often used as an insult to anyone who dresses or acts like one. It is hated by many. In fact, some consider it as the most useless subculture. This subculture benefits no one. It only make things worse for most of the people. But some also says that emo subculture is all about self-expression and embracing the full range of human emotions. Its all about being true to your feelings and letting it all out.

Emo subculture emerged from punk scene of early 1980s in Washington D.C. The Washington, D.C. emo scene lasted only a few years. By 1986 most of the major bands of the movement—including Rites of Spring, Embrace, Gray Matter, and Beefeater—had broken up. Beginning in the late 1990’s, emo start to become popular especially in the field of music. Emo enter into the mainstream...

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