Emotion And Motivation Success Essay

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Everyone has a bad day, but having a soured day should not get in the way of one’s motivation of improved behavior. The psychological effects of emotion and motivation can help people to achieve their needs.
Psychology primarily recognizes seven emotions: anger, disgust, fear, surprise, contempt, happiness, and sadness. Emotional responses are the internal or external response to an event. Two responses can include the adaption-level phenomenon and relative deprivation. The adaption-level phenomenon is related to the emotion of happiness. The phenomenon is when a person judges various stimuli in comparison with experiences of their past. People learn to adapt to new situations through ...view middle of the document...

Often incentives are given to employees to motivate them to achieve a desired result. Achievement motivation is aspiring to accomplish a mastery of skills or ideas for a higher standard. For example, the companies Mindset Works ™, promised that the company could raise student achievement by having the students take the active role in their own academics and giving them the necessary material to help them succeed (Mindset. 2010). Often in the workplace, employees will have higher motivation when they are presented an opportunity to succeed in a set of skills.
The way an individual is feeling about incentives and achievement can predict the outcome of motivation. If a person needs some extra cash flow for a purchase, they may feel happiness and participate in a challenge in the workplace. The problem is that a person will soon adapt to a new neutral level of emotion after accomplishing or engaging in a positive reward. Although, money is not the only incentive for employees, some people have a desire for greater being and are motivated to want to achieve higher standards within the working environment. The reward is often described as a stronger self-worth. One research group defines the emotions related to achievement as...

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