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Emotion Drives Attention Essay

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Following James (1890), researchers have commonly used different types of attention getters whether passive or active distractions (Oman, Flykt, Esteves). Often animals rely on active, goal driven senses to spot and avoid danger. During three separate experiments, there were many observations that were observed in were able to view the same reactions of people no matter how many variables were placed into the experiment. Many people in the world today has a deathly fear of snakes and spiders. In addition, many people do not mind matrices of flowers and mushrooms. Furthermore, during the experiments the researchers also used happy and sad faces and timed the reactions to those. Throughout history, scientists and researchers have been trying to capture how a person may react too many matrices. How the mind reacts to those fears is as different as the individuals themselves. More often people will react more quickly to things that scare them, as opposed to things that do not. In my opinion, the phobias take people back the hunter-gatherer stage of their prehistoric past. Many people would rather avoid seeing a snake or spider, as opposed to, a flower or mushroom. While people are walking outdoors through tall grass, they tend to spend more time while their walking looking for anything that could harm them. Many people will spot dangerous insects or reptiles before the see other objects. Often a person has heightened sensitivity to distinct objects when they see one they will subconsciously scan for more. Many people will allow their emotions to drive the attention once the participant see a spider or snake they are more likely to scan through the matrices more quickly to ensure there is no snakes or spiders present. A person that has looked for a fear relevant object will be scanning photos at a higher rate than someone will who looked at fear irrelevant photos. If someone is fearful of a snake or spider their will look for that more quickly than if, they looked for a flower or mushroom. The researchers used cognitive perspective as they studied how the participants react to the many objects while giving them distractions. There are people who find it more difficult to see a mushroom in matrices full of snakes than of other distracters. Many people found it easy to find a snake in matrices full of mushrooms.

The experiments were designed to see how long it takes an ordinary person to react to different things such as snakes, spiders, flowers, mushrooms, sad eyebrows and happy eyebrows. During the initial experiment, there were nine matrices in a grid pattern. Many people around the world have an intense fear of snakes or spiders. During the first experiment, the studies were conducted with twenty-five psychology students. Twelve of them were male, and thirteen of them were female. Prior to testing the students were not tested for a fear of snakes or spiders, which would give the researchers a good base for understanding; they would not actually...

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