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Emotion Of Death In A Mother In A Refugee Camp, Rember And Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

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10. Chinese Civil War after World War 2: Following World War II a Civil War broke out in China, between the Nationalists and Chiang's militia. The United States saw the Nationalists as the legitimate government in China, at which the United States aided the Nationalists in battles. The Chiang militia kept moving from capital to capital, and in 1949 they decided to flee the country into Taiwan, which they catches and declare the Republic of China, and the Nationalists proclaimed their region as the People's Republic of China.

11. Mao Zedong: He is the founding father of the People's Republic of China, and was the chairman of the Communist Party of China. He is well known for his military ...view middle of the document...

He formulated a group of individuals called the Red Guards to attack the emerging elitism in society, by attaching bourgeois, Communist Party officials, and other citizens throughout the country. During the revolution all schools were closed and anyone untrustworthy was persecuted. The Red Guard factions took to anarchy, terror, and fighting. The economy suffered, along with the food and industrial production, and between the violence and famine around 30 million died.

14. Deng Ziaoping: Following the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, at which Deng Xiaoping survived, yet was purged from the country, he was reinstated. He was then chosen to lead the country post-Mao period through the economic transformation. The country was in shambles from the chaotic economy, humanity, and dilemmas from neighbors and Deng led them through troubled times. During his rule he decided to add the Shi's behind some of the major cities in China.

15. Special Economic Zone (SEZ): The first four Special Economic Zones were along the coast, and this was established in 1980. Shenzhen was across from Hong Kong on the Pearl River, and Zhuhai was across from Portuguese Macau. Shantou is opposite from Taiwan, and Ziamen is on the Taiwan Strait. Then in 1988 and 1990 Hainan Island, linking the country to southeast Asia, and Pudong, across from the Huangpu River which attracted large multinational companies. And the latest addition is the Binhai New Area which is along the northern port city of Tianjin.

16. Geography of development: This type of geography focuses on raw-material distributions, cultural traditions, historic factors, environmental issues, and the role of forces of location in the transitions that national and regional economies undergo. Previous to globalization, economies were slower moving, and exports/imports were not such a demand. In China they focused it around the flexibility and progressive leadership to drive the country forward out from the Great Leap Forward era.

17. Overseas Chinese: These are individuals who were initially from China, however, moved elsewhere and usually thrived. When China opened the Pacific Rim up to the market they encouraged Overseas Chinese to invest their money in their ancestral homeland. Deg and his pragmatists helped devise this issue, when they were questioned with "How can we use our resources best in our effort to speed economic development?"

18. Effects of population control: China's population had been at a steady rate increasing yearly, but following the decision of Deng and his reformers, they decided on the one-child limit per family. This law dropped the population rate from 1.2 to .5 in 30 years. The effects of the population control has led to an abundant amount of males compared to females (123 boys for 100 girls), and soon the country will be 30 million brides short. This has led to trafficking and abducting women from other countries. This laws is under scrutiny from many countries.

19. ...

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