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Does one really know the definition of psychological instability? Perhaps it has an existence at the mental institutional treatment sanitarium here in southern California. The patient of evaluation, Holden Caulfield, a seventeen year old Caucasian male, weighs approximately 120lbs with a skinny, lanky stature and is 6 feet and 2.5 inches tall. Caulfield has crew-cut hair that is graying on the right side. The patient was an occasional drinker and smoker but has now cut cold turkey due to being institutionalized. Frequently drastic mood swings have been documented, as well as, emotional breakdowns, evident sexual frustration, deep depression, clear resentment, a rebellious attitude, signs of being socially inept and abnormal immaturity for a boy of his age. Based on professional observation, it is obvious that the patient exhibits some bipolar and multiple personality characteristics; his obsession with finding the flaws in the people and world around him has contributed to putting him in a dangerously depressive state.

Holden has continually displayed evidence of a bipolar issue and multiple personality symptoms. For starters, one minute Holden is discussing how much he is revolted by the movies in every way, but the next is attending a premiere with Sally Hayes. “If there's one thing I hate, it's the movies. Don't even mention them to me...but the worst part was that you could tell they all wanted to go to the movies. I couldn't stand looking at them. I can understand somebody going to the movies because there's nothing else to do, but when somebody really wants to go, and even walks fast so as to get there quicker, then it depresses the hell out of me.” (Salinger 2 & 116). Holden is incapable of making up his mind and hypocritical to an exceptional degree. The patient does not know what he wants; he says one thing and does the complete opposite. In addition, the record of Holden's hypothetically considered number of phone calls is another prime example of his indecisive, hot and cold character. Numerous times, he confessed to wanting to call his younger sister Phoebe and never made the call because it was too late and he thought she would be asleep. He wanted to call his dear friend Jane's mother but did not due to the time of night, as well. Holden never made the call to his friend Sally Hayes because he worried of her mother picking up the phone and she had never approved of Holden in the first place. The universal similarity in the excuse Holden confessed for not calling his acquaintances was that “he was not in the mood and he did not feel like it,” (Salinger 68). Holden often says that he needs to be in the mood for something; he cannot just do it. Patient claims to love his friend Sally Hayes because he is crazy and attracted to her; “She looked terrific. She really did...the funny part is, I felt like marrying her the minute I saw her. I'm crazy. I didn't even like her much, and yet all of a sudden I felt like I was in love with her...

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