Emotional Imagery Within "The Storm" Essay

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Throughout Kate Chopin’s short story “The Storm,” readers see how the storm acts as a catalyst to the love affair between the main characters. It causes all of the events in the story to happen through perfect timing and perfect placement. She uses imagery through the storm to express the underlying feelings and emotions behind each characters thoughts; this is what makes the story so intriguing. I am going to focus on the two main characters Calixta and Alcee in this story since they are the ones that are affected by the storm the most. For an overview of background information: Alcee and Calixta are long lost lovers from awhile back that just happen to meet up again on a random stormy day ...view middle of the document...

Calixta’s deep yearning for Alcee is apparent once we find out about their love story that occurred before Bobinot came along. The sexual tension that Chopin builds during this short story leads up to what we all knew was going to happen and in its sort of ironic way. This part of the story of the story is represented by how the storm progressively gets worse until the climax is reached when someone satisfies Calixta, but it wasn’t her husband.
It is also interesting how the two male characters are described so differently. Bobinot is described as; “the embodiment of serious solicitude (560).” and instead of walking, Chopin uses the word trudging because it is a helping to describe how he is worn down and feels so low and close to the ground. Bobinot is described as someone who is earthy and a man that enjoys the outdoors, while Alcee is depicted as strolling away on his horse after their affair. Chopin also writes that, “Alcee Laballiere rode in at the gate (558).” She uses this imagery to make a distinction between the two and to say that Alcee is like Calixta’s dream guy coming in when she is alone and scared. While Bobinot is the man who loves her dearly, he is never really there when she needs him the most. The storm’s movements and patterns throughout the story mimic Calixta’s emotions because she is feeling deep and scared while it is storming so she takes cover in Alcee, but she is happy when the sun starts to shine again. The most ironic part of her being scared is that it is not because she is worried about her family, but she is scared of what is going to happen next with Alcee. Calixta is just caught up in a lying game with Bobinot.
Alcee is also used as imagery throughout the story because he resembles everything Calixta has ever wanted in a partner; he is everything Bobinot cannot be. Alcee is the perfect guy in Calixta’s mind, and when he arrives galloping up on his horse to protect her from the storm, she falls back in love with him instantly. Calixta is struggling to find happiness; I think...

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