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Marriage is not two individuals live together, it is about connection and understanding of two souls. In “Odour of Chrysanthemums” of D. H. Lawrence, the story talked about the relationship of wife and husband can’t sympathy each other’s. After Walter’s dead, all that is left with Elizabeth is emptiness and regret.
Elizabeth was obsessed with the thought that her husband is always the pub, and drinking every night. The thought keeps her from being understandable and mercy towards her husband. When she thinks about Walter, it’s not about love, it’s more about being angry and disappointed. Elizabeth regrets every single moment in her marriage. After her husband’s coworkers brought Walter’s dead body home, that is when she realizes, her marriage was an empty shell. She felt dumbfounded for not knowing the space between her and her husband has become so large. And the child in Elizabeth’s womb is just a reminder of the cruel reality.
From the story, I have learned that in marriage, you should be close physically and emotionally. However, Elizabeth thinks about the times she was intimate with Walter, it was emotionless, just like two strangers that happened to be in the same room. When Walter was alive, the only feelings Elizabeth has toward him was either being angry, jealousy or disappointed. In my personal belief, marriage should be all about connection of two people, and understanding of each other’s emotion. You need to trust your partner who is with you and think more positive. When two people are in a relationship there should always be a communication link between the two. Trust, Honesty and Communication are things you need in a relationship, and this is what I believe in.
First with Trust, why do you need to Trust your partner? Trust is every relationship’s foundation, it allows you to freely express your emotion and love. Losing your trust in marriage can weaken the bond between couple. If you let fear and insecurity sneak in, slowly that foundation is going to fall apart. There will be more arguments, disagreements and fight, it’s painful and unbearable for both side.
To build Trust, you need to be honest to your partner. Honesty is a pretty challenging thing to do in marriage. Most couple avoid telling the truth thinking that it would hurt their partner’s feeling. It leads to...

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