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The shortages of teachers might not be the biggest issue right now, but if it is ignored like it has been in recent times, it could create a very big problem in education system. Due to various reasons, teacher retention has been one of the biggest problem. Hence, the role of HRM has never been as vital before. Ashiedu, and Scott-Ladd (2010) believes that the effective utilization of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) can help in attraction and retentions of the teachers. While SHRM is not new to the private sectors, public sectors are falling behind while implementing this strategy.
The article provides some of the strategies that the HRM can use to attract and retain the teachers. One of the strategy focuses on providing professional learning support in their early career. This helps in preparing them for the future as it helps to nurture their professional development. Another suggestion was to pay higher salaries. As pay is one of the most influential factor retaining jobs, higher salaries will motivate teachers (at least monetarily) to retain their job. Developing respect among staff, and changing organizational culture (if necessary) also helps for the cause. One of the biggest issue in teaching is ever growing number of students, and educational organizations not being able to fulfill the demand of the teachers. Many teacher report burnout, hence to tackle this, one of the suggestion suggest that by reducing the workload through smaller class size and other associated work relating teaching can help in retention. Education reimbursements for the teachers who wants to go for higher education, and recognition of their service within 1year, 5year, and 10year also creates the positivity in teachers towards their job (Ashiedu & Scott-Ladd, 2010).
Hence, the role of HRM is very vital especially in teaching....

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