Psychological Skills Training In The World Of Healthcare

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For centuries, patients located within rural and inner city communities have lacked access to adequate healthcare resources. Due to the shortage of medical doctors within these regions, the nursing profession continues to expand. The growth of this field of medicine has enabled patients rural and inner city clinics that do not attract full-time doctors, to receive adequate health care in a cost-effective manner. The goal of a nurse practitioner will be to provide traditional health care services in all areas of medicine, and to maintain, treat and prevent human illnesses under the supervision of a physician. In rural and inner city communities, nurse practitioners will care for diverse community of patients’ diagnosis with acute and chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, motor disabilities, depression, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke and more. The anxiety that surrounds the patient due to their illness and daily livelihood is astronomical. The application of arousal control and self-talk of psychological skills training to patient in such regions may be beneficial in improving the patient psychological, emotional and overall physical health.
Educational sport psychology focuses on improving elite athletic performance through psychological skills training. Improving cognitive behavior and development by increasing cognitive awareness and addressing and correcting negative cognitive behaviors through and assortment of training methods, psychological skills training (PST) is best defined. The compass of psychology skills training includes the development of five basic psychological skills: arousal recognition, goal setting, imagery, attention control and self-talk. Sport psychologists have determined that the developing these skills helped to improve athletic psychological performance and athletic performance. However, studies have revealed that PST skills such as arousal control and self-talk can be applied to patients suffering from acute and chronic illness as well as healthcare professional not only elite athletes.
Arousal Control is a psychology skill that tackles one’s ability to manage, maintain and cope with stress. It also addresses relaxation techniques. Training patients and nursing staff in arousal control can improve the quality of care provided by the healthcare provider and enhance patients over all health. According to the 2004 study, of the “Effects of 105 hours psychological training program on attitudes, communication skills and occupational stress in oncology: a randomized study,” nurses and patients benefited from PST in arousal control. Cancer patients were more likely to be receptive to treatment methods because they were better able to manage the stress inherited through their illness. Patient who participated in relaxation technique such as living to soothing music, increase mediation etc were better able to cope with pain brought one through their illness. Likewise, healthcare personal who...

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