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Emotions And Physical Health Relationship Essay

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It has been known for centuries that psychological/emotional factors are related to many physical illnesses--some emotional reactions cause problems and some psychological circumstances or techniques help us feel better. Emotional trauma can cause physical problems. A recent study reported that women who experience trauma--domestic violence--have 50% to 70% more neurological, gynecological, and stress-based physical problems than women who have never been abused (Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, 2002, Archives of Internal Medicine). Of course, the reverse is true too: having a physical problem may cause us distress and sadness while good health contributes to happiness. Usually ...view middle of the document...

Different behaviors contribute to healthy and to unhealthy aging. Stress affects asthma, digestive track disorders and many other physical ailments; psychological techniques can help one relax. Behavioral control methods are, of course, related to maintaining the all important healthy diet and exercise program. Behavioral self-regulation is at the crux of weight control...diabetes management...of pain and headache management...of somataform disorders...and of many other problems that are commonly seen as "physical."Consider, for a moment, a throng of people: the 1000s of fans who watched the Marlins baseball teams play the Cleveland Indidans; the 1000s of spectators watching a marathon; the millions who watch Seinfeld each Thursday night. These people act together, often in unison, as if they were one interconnected being. Yet, each person in the mass is unique in many ways. Some of these uniqueness are physical--unique fingerprints, unique brain structures, unique genetic makeup. But others are psychological uniquenesses: qualities that they share with no one else in the world, making them the one person on the planet who feels, acts, and thinks in this one particular way.Psychologists are intrigued by these similarities and uniqueness. In their attempts to understand them, they have developed theories of personalities. These theories generally identify the characteristics common in all people: what makes the typical human being tick. But these theories also note the diversity of people, and try to identify the dimensions along which people vary.

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