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Emotions Associated With Every Color Essay

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In the winter there isn’t much color. The trees are bare, the sky is gray and everything is covered in white snow. Personally, I feel that winter is gloomier than summertime. I feel this way because of the colors surrounding us. The dullness of colors during the winter time seem to make things more bland and less cheerful. The bright colors from spring and summer seem to make most people happier and cheerful. Although, each color could have both a positive and a negative feel to it, it just ranges by the person who views it. People associate different emotions with different colors. Three categories I will be explaining are cool, warm and neutral colors.
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Since blood is red it could be a factor of the negative association. Orange is a very “fun” color. Sensuality and passion could be associated with orange, along with food. Frivolity and immaturity are often negative associations to orange.(Wright) Yellow is the most emotional color. It can be an emotionally strong color or emotionally fragile color. Meaning it symbolizes optimism and can also symbolize depression.(Johnson)
The neutral colors include black, gray and brown. Black is worn to funerals, but black is also worn by people who thinks it makes them look “slim.” Exactly right there is where people get the good and bad feelings from the color black. Gray is a symbol for neutrality but depression could also be associated with it. Brown can be a soft color, since it is the color of many things in nature, that is where people can get the earthy association. Others can say it shows lack of sophistication.(Wright)
There are many different emotions associated with every color, by different people. Why do people associate these certain emotions with different colors? Associations with color are caused by objects, language, senses, and...

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