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Emotions Come From Circumstances And Relationships

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I agree to large extent that emotion is a strong way of knowing. According to the oxford English dictionary, the definition of the word “ emotion” is “ A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances or relationship with others.” Seeing that emotions are influenced by certain experiences and events, one can gather that emotions are therefore tainted in that they vary depending on the various experiences that individuals have undergone and thus be very subjective in nature. As with all things subjective; only a singular or a few perspectives dominate to the exclusion of other viewpoints, which may actually be more insightful or pertinent. This can sometimes result in decisions being made irrationally without the benefit of an objective process, which is the main weakness of emotion. On the other hand, the key strength of emotion; accordingly; is its capability to lend itself to the enhancement of the experience of life. This in turn leads to the corresponding benefits such capability can bring. I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of emotion as a way of knowing, in relation to the areas of knowledge in the arts and ethics.

Area of knowledge: The arts

Emotion is an essential ingredient in the pursuit and validation of knowledge. “ Art is everything, and everything is art”. Although this is quite an ambiguous statement, it is also my fundamental belief. Obviously, emotion has influenced this belief because emotion is what drives passion, which in turn fuels creativity. Creativity is seen in various artistic positions, whether they are painters, actors, musicians, etc. When we look at it in a historical contexts, we realize that the best work of artists come about when they have deep feelings about a topic and relate the topic to their work or use their artwork as a form of escape from the stressing problem. Whilst creativity can be innate, and can come about naturally without too much connection to any distinct emotion; it is often an emotional component, which triggers the expression of creativity. Without the catalyst that is emotion; the area of knowledge of the arts would likely be bland and sterile. However, creativity is enhanced when emotion is felt and the individual already has gift in a field. For example, the singer Adele wrote and produced her album after experiencing heartbreak. Adele had always been a talented singer, but the emotions that she felt, such as sadness, anger and spiritual pain enhanced her songwriting and singing capabilities as it was a vent for the expression of her inner turmoil’s and hurt. In the above situation, we see how emotions as a way of knowing can work hand in hand with the arts. It promotes individuality, as well as acts as a channel for self-expression. It allows different views and personal thoughts of an individual to be expressed through an artwork, which can sometimes lead to the changing of circumstances and mindsets, be it positively or negatively.

On the other hand,...

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