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Emotions: From Birth To Old Age By Richard Spilsbury

1890 words - 8 pages

Before I started to research for my project, I had a little background knowledge on my topic. I knew a little about the brain and emotions, since last year in science we learnt a bit about it, but we didn’t go into any real depth. Prior to the research I knew that the amygdala, hypothalamus and pituitary gland help in producing emotions, and what an introvert and what an extravert is, but not in any real detail; I didn’t know what causes people to become an introvert or an extravert, or all of the different parts of the brain that help to create emotions and interact with others. What I needed to know was the neurological and psychological differences between introverts and extraverts, all the parts of our brain that helps us to interact with others, how emotions affect our actions and behaviour, how emotions affect introverts and extraverts, why people act social and asocial, and what parts of the brain control emotions.
The sources that helped me the most in finding out what I needed to know was the article Why are some people more social than others? The difference between Introverts and Extroverts” by Simon Moesgaard-Kjeldsen, the book “Emotions: From Birth to Old Age” by Richard Spilsbury and the article written by Mackenzie Wright “How Do Your Emotions Affect Your Behaviours?”. From these sources I discovered the main information for my research, such as how our brain makes emotions, the different parts that help with this, how emotions affect our behaviour and actions, and the basics behind emotions.
The book by Spilsbury taught me where emotions occur in our brain, how the different parts of the brain create emotions, what causes emotions and how emotions affect bodily causes, e.g., when we are nervous we sweat and get a dry mouth. It helped me to learn what the basics of emotions are and how they are caused, which is the basis of my topic; without knowing that it would have been near impossible to understand what else I had researched, so the book was an important source for me as it taught me the basics which would then help me to further deepen my understanding of my chosen topic. Without the fundamentals, it would’ve been impossible to understand any further research.
I also found the article by Wright to be extremely useful as it taught me how negative and positive emotions affect our behaviour, why we have them and how they make us do the things that we do. This has helped me to understand the direct and indirect ways that positive and negative emotions can affect the way we act with each other. For example, I learnt that our feelings stimulate our brain to process information a certain way, and this can affect our common sense, thus affecting our actions. This didn’t just help me to understand more about emotions and actions, but also helped me to answer my inquiry question. The article helped to expand the knowledge I had on the topic, but also how our emotions help us to do what we need to do day by day.
The article by Simon...

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