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Emotions Portrayed In Literary Works And Artistic Displays. Speaks Of Works By Poe, Baudelaire, Monet, And Warhol

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Throughout life, clothing and body language are often utilizedas sources of emotional expression. These emotions can also beportrayed in literaray works and artisitic displays, such as those ofPoe, Baudelaire, Manet, and Warhol. In Poe's "Man of the Crowd,"there are several descriptions of different types of people based ontheir appearances, but one particular man is focused on by the narratordue to his unique appearance. Baudelaire's "The Painter of ModernLife" emphasizes the emotional expressions of beauty and fashionexpressed in art. Manet is an artist who paints scenes to his liking.All of his works were done in his studio and set up the way that hewanted them. He holds a particular focus on men and women and therelationship between them. The positions and clothing that the men andwomen are set up in hold strong emotional implications about theirfeelings towards one another and the emotions involved in the socialsetting.The opening of "The Man of the Crowd," describes the emotionsinvolved in untold secrets and the deepest of crimes; there areinternal conflicts, struggles, anxieties, and agonous results due to thehorror of the unsolvable crimes. The possibility of these crimes isintroduced through the man of the crowd through his unseeminglyunidentifiable expression The narrator describes his thoughts of thisman as:There arose confusedly and paradoxically within my mind, the ideas ofvast mental power, of caution, of penuriousness, of avarice, ofcoolness, of malice, of blood-thirtstiness, of triumph, of merriment, ofexcessive terror, of intense - of supreme despair. I felt singularlyaroused, startled, fascinated. "How wild a history," I said to myself,"is written within that bosom!"Although the narrator had never spoken to this man of the crowd, he wascompelled to follow him based on his expression that had never beenviewed by the narrator. He continued to follow the man of the crowd,noticing his patterns of following people by the mass and his shambledcloting and he concluded that he "[was] the type and genious of deepcrime. He refuses to be alone."Prior to viewing the man of the crowd, the narrator observedseveral different types of people, all of which were able to be "read"through their outward appearances.. The most numerous amount ofindividuals were business men. The first type of business men "[had]brows [that were knit, and their eyes rolled quickly." They were alsonot distracted nor distraught when they were pushed around by men oftheir sort. It was concluded by the narrator from these characteristicsthat those men were content and "seemed to be thinking only of makingtheir way through the press." The second type of business men conveyeda different type of body language; they were restless, had flushedfaces, and talked and motioned to thesmselves. Their motions wouldincrease in number in addition to an overdone smile, when they werejostled and they would bow apologetically to the jostlers. Theirmovements indicated to the narrator that...

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