Empathy And Cutlural Competence By Michaela Colombo

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The article I read was “Empathy and Cultural Competence: Reflections from Teachers of Culturally Diverse Children” by Michaela W. Colombo. After reading this article I will be talking about what the article is about, me thoughts on the article, and how the article relates to NAEYC’s code of ethics.
The article talks about how teachers need to have cultural compatibility. While it might be difficult for some teacher to grasp and understand the different cultures behaviors and beliefs. For those teacher that can are more likely to provide a learning environment that is enriching and responsive to the children’s different cultures. Teacher should have “meaningful interactions with members of other cultures and promote cultural disequilibrium (Colombo, 2005, p. 2).” Activities that have this are more likely to increase cultural competence.
The article then went on to talk about how a suburban Massachusetts city held professional development to learn about the Latino students and held two Family Literacy nights with the Latino families. During the professional development the teachers did activities that promoted “the teachers to think about their own cultural perspectives and recognize multiple perspectives as well as cultural linguistics differences(Colombo, 2005, p. 2).”
The last part of the article was about four main Misconceptions about cultural diversity that where talked about during a university’s professional development. English Many teacher came out of the university’s professional development with a greater understanding and empathy for families in divers cultures, understanding of cultural diversity, and multiple perspectives.
Over all, the article was a great and I learned a lot form it. The part I found to be the most useful where the tip boxes throughout the article that had suggestions for teachers to develop cultural competence. One that really stuck in my mind and I will use when in a classroom is the one about advocating for children. I have made a mental note about how it discussed that teachers should talk with parent to see what their schedule is like and if they any transportation problems. Then try to find recourses that could help them. The post important part is to then advocate for the families by bringing up what they need help with in the school and community and see what can be do about it.
I agreed with the part of the article that talked about how children feel like they are moving “from one world to another(Colombo, 2005, p.1).” I thought back to when I ate at and aphetic Mexican restaurant. It was like I stepped into a new world because everyone was...

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