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Empathy In Leadership Essay

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Empathy is the most fundamental trait of human beings. The world runs on the shared understanding of suffering and happiness. Empathy helps human beings create a safe and nurturing society because it promotes the understanding of needs of others. According to me, empathy is the most important quality of a leader. Hence, it is my belief that every single person has a potential to be a leader as long as she/he is able to relate to others and their situations.
A person, who makes the effort to understand the perspectives of her/his fellow teammates, arouses a sense of motivation thereby creating a inclusive environment. When Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in the year 1915, he decided to travel across the country to expose himself to the reality of the nation. In order to lead the Indian independence movement, Gandhi visited many remote villages, which were isolated from the mainstream independence movement. For him, the most important goal was to channel the voices of the disenfranchised and the alienated in the larger movement so that everyone gets to be part of group.
A good leader learns from other people and is open to adjusting her/his own opinions by integrating other people’s point of views. I serve as a community adviser with the department of residence in Martin Hall. One of the biggest reasons that drew me towards this position was the opportunity to create an inclusive living community in such a diverse institution like ours. As a community adviser, I get to interact with about 50 residents who come from different walks of life. I facilitate the election of the cabinet and advise them on various programs and events. For the last two years, I have been starting my first cabinet meeting with an activity that involves everyone to anonymously mark personal details of their background and lives. I shuffle the response sheets and hand them back to the...

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