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Presenting Emperor Hirohito! Emperor Hirohito was born on April, 29, 1901, in Tokyo Japan. He was the first son of Crown Prince Yoshihito (later Emperor Taisho) and Princesses Sadoko. Hirohito was given an imperial education at the Gakushuin School, and separated from his parents when he was very young, as it was custom. Latter he was conditioned to become emperor at a special institute for the crown prince. Then on November 2, 1916 he was formally given the title of crown prince at the age of fifteen. Soon after, during 1921 Hirohito became the first crown prince of japan to study and travel abroad.
Emperor Hirohito’s father had been a sickly man and so he ruled more in his grandfather, the great Emperor Meiji, shadow. Emperor Hirohito also shared the same fascination with his grandfather regarding the western part of the United States, particularly after a six-month tour of Europe in 1921. When he finally visited the U.S., he acquired a Mickey Mouse watch that was a gift from President Ford. He also got to meet John Wayne.
A few decades after the war, the current known version events determined that “Hirohito was essentially a pawn of the militarists who gained control of the government shortly after he took the throne”. Historian Richard B. Finn sums it up like this way: "The decisions that led to the war in 1941 were made unanimously by the cabinet, the emperor was fully informed about them, they were often made in his presence, he knew in advance of the plan to attack Hawaii, and he even made suggestions about how to carry it out.” (Richard D. Finn). August 15, 1945 was the date that, although using the word “surrender” the message was clear. However, “the voice of the crane” was delivered far too late. The Japanese lost 2.3 million soldiers, who most had families back home hoping and waiting for them to return. Over 800,000 civilians were killed, raped, torture, and held as prisoners just because they were taking a walk. After looking over the tragedy, Emperor Hirohito offered cooperation with Britain...

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