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Employability And Protean Career Essay

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1. Introduction
The relevance and sustainability of the notion of employability in organizations in the postmodern era has being contributed due to global market pressure, high technology mass communication which has resulted in protean career. Employability can be defined as the ability of an individual to move within an organization or between jobs. In the modern world conditions like external environment of organization have influenced and shaped the nature of careers within organizations. The essay will also discuss types and levels of workers especially the postmodern idea of knowledge workers, which has affected traditional, hierarchical models of organization as opposed to more mordent adult-adult relationships. Individual career choice models have being influenced by personality characteristics of individuals, including attitudes and behaviors. According to Marilyn and Margaret 2007, the new psychological contract and the nature of covenants is mostly transactional elements (e.g. short-term monetary) than relational elements (e.g. loyalty and commitment)

2. Discussion
2.1 Employability and the protean career
According to Crowley-Henry and Weir (2007), protean career is having the ability to reform oneself for career path to achieve psychological success for example; life satisfaction and career satisfaction. According to Hetty van Emmerik et al (2011), employability opportunities increase for protean career because the individuals are highly skilled and motivated, educated, trained and have experience, which forms organizational human capital assets.

Today global business environment has become extensively dynamic and erratic that requires individuals who are flexible and can easily adjust. Bogdanowicz and Bailey (2002), suggested that business partnership in developing countries want organizations to share expertise, while developed countries require unique competences and local market knowledge.

Employability depends on the organizational aspiration expectation for example firm specification knowledge and experience for immediately results. It hinders protean career people to always get desired jobs; their priority in life is family and personal life then career profession. They believe in long –life learning to enhance their knowledge.

Due to global market demand, some individuals prefer to move abroad because they enjoy the hosting country life style or supported systems. The self-initiated expatiates easily adapt the cross-culture and lifestyle. When the market demand narrows, some end up taking low paying jobs and low skilled jobs.

2.2 Conditions in the External environment that influenced nature of careers in the organization
2.2.1 Labour markets
Employee’s choice has increased due to many similar labor markets availability .Organizations are being shaped by this highly specialized or unique career skills people who are highly influential. This has caused the organization to give tasks to a flexible team...

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