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Employability Of A Mis Analyst Essay

3641 words - 15 pages

Executive Summary: 3
1.0 Introduction: 3
2.0 Methodology and Limitation 3
3.0 Responsibility and performance of MIS analysts: 4
3.1 Responsibilities and Performance Objectives: 4
3.2 Effectiveness against Objectives: 4
3.3 Motivational technique to improve quality of performance: 5
Employee Assistance: 5
Interesting Work: 5
Open & frequent communications: 5
Career security: 5
Performance feedbacks: 5
Comparative Compensation: 5
Performance Bonus: 6
Development 6
Health Insurance: 6
4.0 Develop Interpersonal and Transferable Skills: 6
4.1 Solution to Work Based Problem: 6
4.2 Level and Style of Communication: 7
Oral communication with middle level employees 8
Written Communication with executive level employee: 8
4.3 Time Management Strategies: 8
Prioritize workload: 8
Setting work objectives: 9
Reliable estimate of task time: 9
5.0 Dynamics of Working with others: 9
5.1 People role in a team to achieve goal: 9
Plant: 9
Resource investigator: 9
Shaper: 9
Finisher: 9
Co-coordinator: 10
Implementer: 10
Monitor: 10
5.2 Analysis of Team Dynamics: 10
Clear unity of objectives: 10
Self-motivation: 10
Goals: 10
Team meeting: 11
Member’s participation: 11
Sharing: 11
Disagreement: 11
Decision: 11
Respect: 11
Criticism: 11
Leadership: 11
5.3 Alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals: 12
Lists all needed activities: 12
Break down tasks 12
Plan to execute each sub-task 12
Execute the Plan: 12
5.0 Strategies for Problem Solving: 12
5.1 Tools and Method to Problem Solution: 12
Brainstorming: 12
Balance Sheet: 12
Root cause: 12
Train of thought: 12
SWOT Analysis: 12
Trail & Errors: 13
5.2 Problem Solving Strategy: 13
Nominal Group Technique: 13
5.3 Potential Impacts on Business: 13
Develop group consensus: 13
Employee ideas: 13
Employee involvement: 13
Collective effort: 14
Develop optimal solution: 14
Ease of decision implementation: 14
6.0 Conclusion: 14
References: 14

Executive Summary:

A MIS analyst is a person who is responsible to ensure the security of the systems and the proper flow of information among the personnel in the organization. To do so, a list of responsibilities must be performed by him. There are also some objectives of a MIS analyst. There are some conventional and unconventional methods of motivation for the MIS analyst as his job is different from others in the organization. A MIS analyst mainly deals with oral communication with the employees although frequently involve in written communication mostly with executive level of employees. To be competitive in the work place, he has to depend on work based problem solution method and time management strategies. Team is an important attribute to the work of MIS analyst. S/ He need to be very careful about the team composition, dynamics and effectiveness. Proper tools and techniques, strategies can help an MIS analyst to reach the desired successful place...

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