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Employability Skills 2000+ Essay

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Executive summary
The first year of Business Administration program sufficiently covers almost all of the skills described in the Employability skills 2000+ handout from the Conference Board of Canada, at least as well as can be done in a single year.
Each skill is examined and shown how the program transfers knowledge of the skill to the student. One of the recurring items is the major assignments that the students must complete the projects more than the instruction itself is what students learn the most from. I also noticed that more time is spent on teaching communication to students than any other skill in the handout.
There are only two recommendations that I would make, which are:
1. In the computers in business or business communication newer web communication and collaboration applications should be taught. The new forms of digital communication such as twitter, blogs, and RSS are becoming more and more important for companies that want to communicate with their customers. Students will need to know how to use these systems properly.
2. There is no real learning outside of the discipline, any option that is taken in the first year must be within the business admin program. There should be an option or even a requirement to take a course outside of the program.

Employability Skills 2000+
The business Administration program at the Grande Prairie Regional College teaches us many technical skills, but what about more universal or soft skills that are looked for by every employer? The Employability Skills 2000+ (Conference Board Of Canada, 2010) is a useful tool for evaluating whether a specific program properly imparts these universal skills to its students. In this report the Skills will be broken down into the three main groups of skills: fundamental Skills, personal management skills, and teamwork skills. After that how the program addresses the skills that make up these larger groups will be examined.

Fundamental Skills
Communication skills will only become more important in the job market, and many in the market are realising that, according to Lindsy Rich who has recently taken over a family firm:
Communication has improved every facet of our business. We are more efficient and more accurate, provide better customer service and provide a better product to our customers when we communicate well. We’ve also learned that communication only works when everyone actively participates. (Rich, 2010).
All employees must have good communication skills for a company to be productive. The Business Administration program teaches us how to communicate effectively in the following ways: 
• There is a focus on understanding information and terminology in most first year classes. Accounting and Economics covers financial statements and basic financial information/indicators. Marketing covers tools that convey information in a way that many would not be used to, such as SWOT analyses.
• Business...

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