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Employee Benefits, Safety And Health At Bhp Billiton

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BHP Billiton is a leading global resources company. Its vision has always been to create value for its long term shareholders through the holistic approach of natural resources, which involves 4 major steps, namely discovery of the natural resources, its acquisition, development and management of the natural resources, and finally marketing of the same.
BHP Billiton is a global firm, with operations on a truly worldwide scale, and has been single minded committed in upholding its core values of integrity, respect, simplicity, sustainability, accountability and performance.
BHP Billiton has a strong, unrivalled and enviable portfolio of the best quality opportunities for ...view middle of the document...

It is a company strongly committed to the safety and health of its employees, environment and societies it operates in. The long serving nature of the operations of BHP Billiton assists it to build long lasting relationships with its host societies where it works collaboratively towards making a positive influence in the lives of the people who reside near its operational facilities and the society in general at large. The company’s ability to grow the organisation safely and in an environmentally responsible way is essential.
To achieve this, BHP Billiton needs a workforce that reflects diversity in all forms, including gender, skills, experience and ethnicity. Embracing openness, trust, teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial, reflects its core values of respect and is the focus of its people strategy. In all its efforts, BHP Billiton aims to be inclusive and to build pride and loyalty in our workforce.

1) Retiree Health Care
The company does provide health care to the employee after they retire. They have a Medicare Supplement Plan for people above 65. Hence, the value that they pay each month being a part of their salary deduction helps them eligible for this scheme in their future. The other criteria along with this are they should have Minimum age of 55 years along with having Minimum of 10 years of BHP Billiton US-based service. It also provides to its employee with the facility of Concessions based on their age.

2) Dental Plan
The employee may take treatment under any licensed dentist or a PPO point of service option. They are the certain policies associated with it
(i) $50 deductible, $3,000 annual maximum benefits
(ii) Preventive – 100%, no deductible
(iii) Basic – 90% after deductible
(iv) Major – 75% after deductible
(v) Ortho – 100%, no deductible, $2,500 lifetime maximum

3) Vision Plan
Under this scheme, the cost of treatment for an employee’s vision is borne by the company. The facilities under this scheme are: -
(i) 100% benefit most services in network
(ii) Annual eye check-ups are done and reimbursements for contact lenses and frames are given
(iii) Optional features are not covered
(iv) Allowances given by the company for treatment undertaken by clinics outside the network

4) Wellness Assessment
An annual lump-sum payment worth $ 120(taxable) is given if the employee earns 30 credits through a number of wellness programs. These programs are available online some of which include a health assessment and quarterly challenges.

5) Health Club Assistance
The Company also helps its employee with the aid needed to be the part of health club. In the process all the employee are motivated and supported by covering the health club fees and other facilities like utilities needed. The Company to its maximum limit provides an approx. $ 400 to be spent on each employ for its efficient functioning.

6) Employee Assistance Program
Here the company...


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