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Employee Development Comparison PaperNovelette AnglinUniversity of PhoenixEmployee Development ComparisonEmployee development contribute to each organization success based on how effectivethe development and training strategies are being used. Employees on a whole has to havesome commitment to the organization and have to use the development full force. Managers inthe organization must identify the high potential employees and show them how to the talents tothe highest potential and must also re-assure the employee of his or her value. Strong directionis a major key to the employee development that will enable the employee to contribute well inthe organization success consistently. Another is how the employee understand theorganization culture and customs and what the mission of the organization stands for, then theemployee will contribute more understanding as they grow with the organization and will bemore willing to take the strides to development which will make both the organization and theemployee successful.Employee development requires an approach to the everyday activity with the intention oflearning from what is going on around the organization. Employee training is the responsibilityof the organization. Employee development is a shared responsibility of management and theindividual employee. The responsibility of management provides the right resources and anenvironment that supports the growth and development needs of the individual employee.Employee training and development needs to suit the organization's context, job descriptions,employment contracts and collective agreements. When selecting employee training anddevelopment methods, be sure to incorporate what is in the organization's missionstatement.Training programs offered at each organization differs by what are the everyday activitieswithin the organization. They can also be effective learning tools, with the right focus or do theorganization have a Committee that is made up of staff from different areas of the organizationto enhance learning by allowing members to see issues from different perspectives. Set asidepart of the committee's work time to discuss issues or trends that may impact on theorganization. Training programs also differs at each organization If the organizationhas staff at more than one site and provide employees with an opportunity to visit the othersites. This helps the employees gain a better understanding of the full range of programs andclients that the organization serves.Organizations make a distinction between employee development and training."Training" is usually conducted when the employees have a skill deficit or when an organizationhas a system that has been changed and the employees need to learn new skills. It does notmean the employer is putting down the employee by putting or sending them in...

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