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Employee Performance Management System Essay

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Employee Performance Management SystemIntroductionToday when we talk about customer satisfaction and quality, we talk not only about the quality of products and services that totally satisfy customer needs and expectations in every respect on a continuous basis but we also talk about the quality of processes, information, people, systems and objectives. In short, quality is all encompassing is the way of life.The greatest realization in the pursuit of quality is that all this can happen only if people have a shared vision for the company and are totally committed to giving their best. For people to cause change in technology and systems they need to demonstrate behavior, which fosters teamwork based on the values of self-discipline, patience, openness, respect and trust.Performance measures are recognized as an important element of all Quality Management programs. Managers and supervisors directing the efforts of a Schafer Corporation or a group have a responsibility to know how, when, and where to institute a wide range of changes. These changes cannot be sensibly implemented without knowledge of the appropriate information upon which they are based.Performance management is not simply concerned with collecting data associated with a predefined performance goal or standard. Performance measurement is better thought of as an overall management system involving prevention and detection aimed at achieving conformance of the work product or service to your customer's requirements.Additionally, it is concerned with process optimization through increased efficiency and effectiveness of the process or product. These actions occur in a continuous cycle, allowing options for expansion and improvement of the work process, development of the employee's - as they are no longer considered "commodities", but "assets" of the company.Performance measurement is primarily managing outcome, and one of its main purposes is to reduce or eliminate overall variation in the work product or process. The goal is to arrive at sound decisions about actions affecting the product or process and its output. (Mullins,1999)Thus this project was taken up specifically to stress the need of planning, developing and implementing a performance management and appraisal system, which is specific to the present management scenario and makes employees more committed to their Schafer Corporation, indirectly leading to better growth of the company and so also the employeesThe computer software so developed is concise, comprehensive and user-friendly with menu-selection incorporated into the design of application. In general, the projects so designed to generate the various appraisal forms and allow employees to conduct a self-appraisal and also generate performance plans / development plans specific to every employeeThe process of designing an appraisal system involves a challenge of making the right decisions since no single set of choices is optimal in all situations. The starting point...

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