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Employee Essay

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There is no one universally adopted theory on motivation and despite their different perspectives they all remain highly influential (Hutchinson 2013). I develop my arguments in three sections. Firstly, this paper will discuss the early works of Taylorism (1911) also known as the “scientific management”, which argues an employee is an “economic man”, alongside with McGregor’s Theory X (1960). Which suggests management intervention must be monitored otherwise employees will be passive (McGregor 1960). Secondly, the theories of motivation which demonstrates what motivates people in considering about their “needs” and clarifies cognitive processes in why people make motivated decisions. ...view middle of the document...

A parallel view is grasped in McGregor’s Theory X (1960), which proposes that employees are self-centered and work is only motivated by money, position and punishment. These features are the core assumptions of how tightly controlled workplace accentuate employee engagement, known as the carrot and stick method to motivation (McGregor 1960). Employees must be persuaded, rewarded, punished or controlled- directed activities (McGregor 1960). Theory X assumes employees need some kind of direct pressure or control in order to get efficient and effective work done. Commitment to objectives is seen as a function of rewards linked with achievements. It’s a theory based on employees thriving off the high pressure for motivation in order to not get punished or gain financial incentives e.g. punishment might occur if productivity performance is poor and therefore enhances motivation for employees in a tightly controlled structure to avoid consequences. With respect to people, process of enforcing efforts, motivating them and modifying behaviors are essential for them to fit the needs of the organization (McGregor 1960). Thus, it is understandable that the possibility of employee motivation is achievable in a tightly controlled work system through McGregor’s Theory X and the underlining assumptions of Taylorism.

Secondly, the content theories of motivation emphasis on what motivates people by taking in account of ‘needs’ people are inspired to fulfill (Hutchinson 2013). Of the many motivational theories proposed, Maslow’s theory demonstrates an interpretation of employee motivation in a hierarchal pyramid. Maslow’s work contains some the elements of the previous theories but suggests in hierarchy of needs rather than a single source of need (Dixon 1997). According to Maslow’s theory a person’s needs are the core of motivator that drives man. People are motivated by unsatisfied needs constantly and individuals must complete the lower level needs before promoting to the next level of motivation (Hutchinson 2013). Physiological needs are the most basic...

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