Employee Handbook For Fine Dining Restaurant.

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Dear Employee,Welcome to Daniel's Restaurant!We are very happy to have you join our team and welcome you to a fun, challenging, and rewarding environment!I started this restaurant over 10 years ago with the help of many of the staff that are still working with me today. Before opening this restaurant I worked at many well-known restaurants here in California and France including Jiraffe's, The Whist, and Le Bistro in Paris. I received a Bachelor in Culinary Management from the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles. Before choosing a career in the kitchen I served this country as an Infantryman in the 101st Airborne.This restaurant serves fine-dining California cuisine with a relaxed California attitude. The restaurant is the flagship in a fleet of others that vary completely from one another in cuisine and atmosphere. You will be expected to learn every aspect of this restaurant but will be given the opportunity to move around freely within the chain of our other restaurants.We strive only to be the best in what-ever we do but at the same time we try not to take life to seriously, because if it's not fun then what's the point in doing it. People are my number one concern and should be yours also. Everything that is expected of you is outlined in this handbook, so please take the time to review it carefully as the success of the restaurant depends on your individual contributions and dedication.My door is always open to anyone who wishes to speak with me. Thank you again.Sincerely,Dan MurrayVision- To be nothing less than perfect. At Daniel's we want to be known as the ultimate in fine dining experience. This doesn't necessarily mean the most pretentious restaurant but it does mean the people walk away saying "That was incredible!"Mission- To provide an atmosphere like that of going to a good friend's house to eat, where you feel at home. Where the combination of high quality food with excellent service truly set's Daniel's apart as being the best of the best. Every one here from dishwasher to the president and especially our guests should be treated with the same respect that you desire for yourself. No one person is above any other, we are all part of a team working toward a common goal of providing the best service we can and at the same time a workplace that you look forward to coming to.Service CultureHaving a good customer service and customer satisfaction requires the commitment of management, supervisors and front-line employees to create and maintain a strong business attitude. These are all important factors of any business. Mastering these aspects means becoming more competitive in the marketplace today.The service standard at Daniel's is to put the mission of providing high quality service and excellent food first but at the same time remembering that we are an organization dedicated to people always.It is part of your job to actively listen to customers for feedback beyond the usual comment cards. You should make it a point to get...

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