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Employee Learning Essay

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Record a five minute video describing the topics covered in this course and how that material will be applicable in your career. Post the video to the forum and respond to your peers.

I will be discussing the employee learning in terms of training and development.

Incidental vs. Intentional learning

Learning is something that happens all the time whether or not one’s aware of it. If a power failure occurs and you loose some data, do you learn anything? If you say to yourself, "I must remember to save my work more often", you have done some learning.
This type of learning is called incidental learning; you have learned involuntarily or without really thinking about it.
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Management should Develop a good understanding of the knowledge, skills and abilities that the organization will need in the future. What are the long-term goals of the organization and how can they be ramified with the goals for employee development?
Management can Allow incidental learning by highlighting the learning opportunities in the day to day events. Whether there is an incident with a client that everyone could learn from or there is a new government report with implications for the organization
Management should encourage the employee development process and direct staff to create individual development plans
Management can facilitate staff when they identify learning activities that make them an asset to the organization
For employee development to be a success, the employees should:
Identify the learning opportunities in everyday tasks
Set goals and activities for development and prepare an individual development plan
Finally, I will be commenting on designing successful learning solutions.

As discussed earlier, Intentional Learning as opposed to incidental learning is not easy or automatic. It takes time, concentration, relevance, and activities to inspire, ENGAGE, and connect. ENGAGE acronym provides an excellent starting point when thinking about how to provide an effective and results-driven learning experience.

When we see Engage as an acronym; consider

E—Energize learners
N—Navigate content
G—Generate meaning of the new content
A—Apply to real world application
G—Gauging and celebrating
E—Extending the learning to action

A successful learning solution prepares for successful learning before, during and after the training.

Before the training occurs:
• The learners should be explained genuine benefits they’ll experience from participating in the learning process—whether it’s onsite, virtual, or blended experience.
• Assign pre-readings or prework during which the trainer ask learners to think of real work problems and propose solutions and goals around those problems. This not only reduces time spent away from the job but also maximizes the use of that time.
•Create overviews and welcome messages that can be viewed prior to the event that...

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