Employee Morale At Columbia Housing And Redevelopment Corporation

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Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation (CHRC) employees are a critical piece of the organization. There are twelve full-time employees within the organization. The employees work within the management or maintenance departments. Each employee has a detailed job description that outlines the specific duties necessary to perform their job. Additionally, the employee is given specific objectives each year with their performance evaluated annually by their supervisor.

Employee morale provides an indicator about the quality of the organization and affects workplace performance. Customers and the community are able to observe the external qualities of an organization, but employees know how an organization works internally. The perception that an employee has about the quality of their work environment should be analyzed periodically. Therefore,
the researcher wanted to determine if employee morale was an issue at Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation during the following time periods: 2008-2009 (Past), 2009-2010 (Present), 2010-2011 (Future).

The data needed to make a determination about the condition of employee morale at CHRC came from individual employee survey responses. The employees participate in a survey each year to determine their level of satisfaction with the organization and to determine ways to improve CHRC. The survey gives management another way to allow employees to communicate individually and confidentially about the organization.

During the past from 2008-2009, 70% of the CHRC employees believed the organization was a great place to work. The survey responses indicated that some employees experienced stress, communication issues, and lack of trust within the organization. The research showed that 30% of the employees were not pleased with the current work environment. Based on the survey forms, the employees who were dissatisfied worked in the maintenance department, and the data suggested that the employee morale in the maintenance department at needed some attention. Among the random ideas presented by those who were displeased at CHRC involved providing training for maintenance employees to improve their skills, encouraging teamwork between maintenance employees and their supervisor, and better pay for current employees.

The employee morale at CHRC improved during the present period from 2009-2010. The survey data indicates that 100% of the employees at CHRC believed the organization was a great place to work. This is a remarkable improvement for the organization since the past survey results indicated only 70% of employees believed CHRC was a great place to work. The major change that occurred during the past and present periods was within the organizational structure. In 2009, the maintenance director retired and the executive director became the supervisor of the department (Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation). The management changes increased employee morale...

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