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Employee Motivation And Impact On Overall Productivity And Organizational Survival

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Recent research has shown that employees are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs. According to an article on USA Today, just about 30% of employees are engaged and draw inspiration from their jobs, which is a rise from the 28% it was in 2010. Employees are simply not just into their jobs. Research however shows that motivated employees are happier with their jobs. According to an article on the Times 100 , motivated employees get “ more satisfaction from their work, are absent less often, tend to be more loyal and work with more enthusiasm.” The overall satisfaction with their jobs is a key element in how much they are encouraged to contribute more to the development of an ...view middle of the document...

It is often taken for granted that high pay will lead to employees’ satisfaction. But series of studies have shown that pay based job satisfaction ends when an individual is able to meet her basic needs. The associate dean of Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Randy Allen argues that pay is an important factor in employee satisfaction but it is usually not enough. Pay raise might be important for low-income worker but not for higher income earners whose salary can comfortably cover their cost of living.
Federick Hezberg in a Harvard Business Review article asserts that to understand how to motivate people, it important to know that “The things that make people satisfied and motivated on the job are different in kind from the things that make them dissatisfied.” In other words, things like low pay and uncomfortable workspace can make an employee dissatisfied but merely increasing his pay or providing a plush work environment can still not make the employee happy. Similarly, Grant (2013) asserts that access to catered meals, a game room; free massages may not make people happier at work. Hezberg on the other hand, argues that “People are motivated, instead, by interesting work, challenge, and increasing responsibility. These intrinsic factors answer people’s deep-seated need for growth and achievement. “ ...

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