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Employee Motivation In Call Center Essay

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AbstractThis is a case study about the Topinhar Call Centre, in which three management literatures are studied to analyse and develop the problems in the Topinhar Call Centre. In this case study, the performance can be considered as a function of ability and motivation. As a result, the importance of employee motivation is recognised, and the factors about the motivation are addressed. Finally, some recommendations for overcoming the problems at the call centre are suggested.Motivation of our employees is one of the most important issues facing companies today. The need to instil our employees with motivation is becoming ever more important especially with the shift towards a more socially ...view middle of the document...

According to Nemerov (1993), there are three factors that significantly contribute to higher levels of worker motivation and performance, which are leadership, commitment to competence, and rewards as well as recognition. Through exercising visible and ongoing leadership, heightening staff commitment through competence, and reward systems recognizing quality as well as productivity, call centre managers should be able to achieve impressiveness.In the article Employee motivation of the high achiever, Atwood (2004) states that the supervisors should enhance the motivational climate in the workplace to foster and maintain continued excellence. Atwood (2004) also recognises that the high achiever employee is operating in the self-actualization need area. Thus, the supervisors should promote the employees' realization of their potential. These are several things supervisors can adopt that demonstrate knowledge of excellence and set the motivational environment to maintain an outstanding performance, which are observing, providing feedback, delegating as well as channelling employees into leadership positions, and providing an environment for goal achievement.In the paper A Review of Employee Motivation Theories and their Implications for Employee Retention within Organizations, the author Ramlall (2004) provides a synthesis of employee motivation theories such as Need Theories of Motivation, Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory, Equity Theory, Expectancy Theory, Job Design theory, and so on. He describes the relevant motivation theories and explains how employee motivation affects employee retention and other behaviours within organizations. In addition, by synthesizing and critically analysing the motivation theories, the author compiles several major factors affecting the employee motivation from the respective theories including needs of the employee, work environment, responsibilities, supervision, fairness and equity, effort, employee's development, and feedback.Using the related paper to the caseIn the case of Topinhar call centre, the issue revolves around performance and how to get the best out of people. According to the individual performance equation (Wood, et al. 2004), the performance can be viewed as the result of the personal attributes of individuals, the work effort they make, and the organisational support they receive. As a result, the performance can be considered as a function of ability and motivation. Ability in turn depends on education, experience and training and its improvement is a slow and long process. On the other hand, motivation can be improved quickly. The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this, the manager should be able to motivate employees. Therefore, it is important for the managers of call centres to understand the need for development and motivation.Ramlall (2004) identifies analyses and critiques the motivation theories underlying employee motivation in organizations....

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