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Employee Motivation In The Workplace Essay

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When running a business, one would have to hire employees who perform well and product and or quality is of the same caliber. The key to an employee performance is motivation. The expression, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force it to drink water, can be seen within the human race.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss motivation in the workplace. To have a successful company, employee must be motivated enough to work and get the job done. One way have success in the workplace is to define the morale and motivate employees. The human resource department or the manager are typically the personnel to identify the employees needs by either observing the generation, the ...view middle of the document...

Also, for those who are already have the job, a way to stand out from the rest, is to go above and beyond the call of duty. The question now maybe, how to encourage employees to want to strive for more. Motivation is the responsibility of Human Resources with some respect of the direct supervisor and or managers.
The responsibility of the HR is to oversee all employees and identify their needs and institute a positive outlook for the employee. A happy employee is perfect to adding value to the company. By creating a stimulating workplace, employees are more likely to strive for better and creating a healthy competition to do better within the workplace.
Should organizations choose to ignore employee motivation, they would have paid the ultimate price- losing the company. As a precaution, companies are not willing to risk their lively hood for a ego issue. they are determined to stay in business and have adopted motivation programs and implemented an effective policy to allow for employees to feel comfortable when at work.
Though motivation is highly studied, there are many different theories surrounding the subject. One of the reasons being that motivation is highly dimensional and people respond differently to changes and have different needs. Some theorize that it is a centralized theory meaning that all employees should be treated equally, similar to a "one-size-fits-all." And others theory that people are similar in learning abilities, yet there are people who lack and need a little more attention and refining. other theories of the altruistic approach of treating people as human beings and respecting them with dignity, research and observations depict that people tend to be more productive and more creative. A closer look into motivations, studies show that individuals who's needs, such as their need for appreciation, achievement, and creativity, as well as their mental health, and their energy level, also may affects one's motivation to strive for better. Others focuses such as, external circumstances, detailing where employees view themselves; for example the effects of the job, job goals, salary, work obstructions, supervision, and leadership (Berman, etc., 2013)
A way for HR to determine an employee's needs, could be easily based on their age and their background, like observing the different generations and compare the differences,for instance, the Baby Boomer generation, seems to be motivated by income and creating their identity through employment, where as, Generation X and the New Millennials, are motivated by a particular lifestyle. Should the generation trait not be effective, HR or managers should identify if the employees are motivated enough to help the organization meet its goals or determine which employees need further evaluations because not all employees have the same needs. Below are some popular theories of how to recognize and motivate employees.
The psychological contract is a benefits that...

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