Employee Orientation And Training Essay

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Employee Orientation and Training

Employees upon their induction into an organization that is vigilant about their corporation’s success is very altruistic in nature to their employees; with the hope that their efforts will be rewarded with enthusiasm, competency, and major attributions for company progress or success. Henceforth, as it stands depending upon the capacity upon which an individual or group of people are recruited, there levels of training will be meted by the type of tasks they are required to accomplish for the organization in a successful and ethical manner. Gomez argues that, “leaders within her organization of occupancy held conversations on various matter that pertained to company success for future employees, and public citizens” (Gomez, 2012, pg. 13). The aim is to candidly express what an organization desires to accomplish and just how exactly they intend to achieve such an outcome. The training and performance evaluations by organizations are intended to maximize each employee to the standard requirements of the recruiting companies.
Training provides inducted and current employees with the capacity and confidence to complete company tasks as required by the organization. The level of confidence and readiness for employees to address most tasks, and ad-hoc situations effectively need to be through the avenue of quality training. Knights argues on the ground of a food industry which canned foods, “hands-on training with equipment used in food manufacturing is one feature that sets the Food Engineering/Food Technology program at Texas A&M apart from others.” (Knights, 2013). It is important for an organization to continually strengthen their employees for the longevity of their company’s success.

Analyzing the effectiveness of Mechanisms used by employees in a Virtual capacity, or on location.

Snell and Bohlander, argued four key elements that are necessary for the training and development of employees within an organization; as it is aligned with the objectives of the company, “to ensure a firm’s training and development investment has the maximum impact, strategic and systematic approaches should be implemented: (1) needs assessment based on the firm’s competitive objectives, (2) program design, (3) implementation, and (4) evaluation” (Snell and Bohlander, 2013, pg.293). Factoring the induction period of 90 days and the recruited capacities, all training assessments must be performed from the prospected of the hiring organization.
Being appointed as a Training Director by an organization, to evaluate the current training mechanism of on-location and virtual employees, and also possibly offer an implementation of a more efficient model to the company’s handbook. Upon analysis of the current training techniques that are presently being used, one has to be diligent in asserting that, the mechanisms are fostering the objectives of the organization; it would be prudent that this factor is first in all...

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