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Employee Procedures Essay

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Employee Procedures
The first thing that I have to do in this assignment is to describe
the features of a typical contract of employment and then analyse it
with my own contract of employment for WH Smiths and say what the
differences are between the two. In the second part of this assignment
I have to design and make a leaflet for Konrho explaining the
responsibilities of the employer including the procedures available to
them in upholding there rights. I also have to do the same for the
employee. In part three of the assignment I have to describe the
disciplinary and grievance procedures available to employers and
employees and then put this information into a leaflet as-well. In the
fourth part of the assignment I have to compile a report on WH Smith
which will include a survey into the health and safety regulations and
non-discriminatory legislation in two different work environments.
Also I have to describe in-depth the procedures available to employers
and employees when health and safety or the non-discriminatory
legislation’s have been contravened. In the last part of the
assignment I have to explain the roles of trade unions and staff
associations. The last thing to do is provide recommendations for
Konrho in terms of the best practices to gain employee co-operation in
there UK subsidiary.

As part of this assignment I am going to have to go to WH Smith and
conduct a survey on health and safety, get there health and safety
policy and there non-discriminatory policy as-well. I will have to use
a library to get the information on trade unions. I will also have to
learn how to use DTP to produce my leaflets on Konrho.

To finish the assignment I will have to write an evaluation which will
include a summary of the work that I have don and any useful things
that I have done or achieved, it will also state any problems that I
may encounter during the assignment.

The main features of a typical

Contract of Employment

A typical contract of employment will include various things to do
with pay; holiday and your job role, in the following sentences are
explanations to what should be on a typical contract of employment.
The first thing that should be on a typical contract of employment
should be your job role and your job title, these should give you
details of what the precise nature of your job is and its exact title.
Also included in your contract should be details relating to pay
stating if you get paid weakly or monthly. The conditions of overtime
and the rates that you get paid for overtime should be included; it
should also include any bonuses you may earn or commission that you
may get for your job. You regular working periods should be included
in a typical...

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