Employee’s Intention To Stay And Intention To Quit – An Empirical Study

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The success or failure of any organization is primarily depends on its employees. All the HR managers are always having the concern about the employee’s intention towards the organization. Because if suppose the employees are having intention to quit their jobs will be a costly one to the companies which will lead to the cost of recruitment and selection, cost involved in training and development, more than the loss of knowledgeable employee who got experience while his job is critical. The role of HR manager is therefore very critical in maintaining the selected, well trained employees in the organization for longer periods. So retaining this invaluable ‘asset’ of the company is now becoming a most crucial function of all HR functionaries. They have to be constantly given more and more awareness about the damaging effects of Job hopping and thus avoid attrition rate of employees at all costs. This research paper tried to find out the perception of employees towards his job and the factors which are making the employee to leave from the organization.
Literature Review:
In laymen level employee turnover can be understood as employees leaving their organization voluntarily. But technically employee turnover is defined as a ratio between employees appointed in a company and left out from that company in a particular period of time. The employee turnover has both positive and negative influences on organizational performance (e.g., Dalton & Todor, 1979; Dess & Shaw, 2001; Mobley, 1982; Staw, 1980). Maintaining the satisfaction level of employees is the main root for the success of the organization for a long period of time (Berry, 1997). Losing the skilled employees will lead to the reduction in quality, productivity, innovation and competitiveness (Miller, 2010).
Employee turnover can be grouped as voluntary turnover and involuntary turnover. When employees decide to leave the organization of their own choice, then it is known as voluntary turnover. At the same time when an organization removes an employee is called involuntary turnover (Price & Mueller, 1981).
According to Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Shahid, Zill-E- Huma and Sajjad Haider (2012), ‘turnover intention can be defined as how long an employee is willing to stay in an organization’. They strongly argued that the existing employees are uncertain about their future. Employees have intention to leave the organization in order to make their career safe and sound.
Employee turnover is very critical and costly to any organization as it further requires efforts and money to recruit and place new employees (Jain, 2007). It should be remembered that turnover rates are directly related with employee morale and working environment.
According to Moreland (1999), Employee turnover is a threat to the efficiency of organizational transactive memory systems. If the employees shared their opinion and who knows what among them is treated as Transactive memory system. Such systems make...

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