Employee Satisfaction Survey Analysis

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Analysis
The issue of increasing employee turnover has been the subject of concern for ABC International. The human capital department has reported a sharp increase in employee turnover for the past year and it has been decided that the best approach to resolving this matter would be to first conduct a research. A secondary step would be to take completed Exit Interviews for the past three years. Using these two information, ABC would be able to analyze and get a big picture of how separated and current employees feel about the various aspects of the company such as compensation and benefits package, career advancement, training and education etc.
The company believes that the three main driving reasons for employees voluntarily resigning their positions are discontent with management (including the administration of policies), compensation and benefits package not being competitive enough and the perception/feeling of no career advancement. In order to pinpoint the areas that the employees feel the company is lacking, an Employee Satisfaction Survey has been designed. The Employee Satisfaction Survey has been designed to inquire how employees feel about the services being offered by the company ranging from the services being offered by the Human Resources Department to compensation and benefits package to management. This cross-sectional research gives the human resources department a snapshot of how current employees feel about the services the company offers to them. The initial survey has been designed with thirteen questions; each of which will collect quantitative or numeric data. For instance, to evaluate how the Human Resources Department is performing, the survey asks the employees if the human capital team responds to inquiries in a timely manner. Employees could respond to this particular question by choosing from five options/ranking: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Out of this ranking, the highest or most satisfied ranking employees could give is a rate of 5. These five levels of choices are called ordinal measurements. Lind, Marcal, Mason and Cooper, in their book entitled Business Statistics and Research, defined ordinal measurement as "data that can be logically ranked are referred to as ordinal measures" (2003, p. 351). Participants of this study would find ease of use by simply providing numerical or quantitative ranking (fixed alternative questions).
Furthermore, collecting quantitative data would assist researchers, the human capital team, in two ways: 1) an Excel spreadsheet that would accept codes/rankings can easily be created and 2) translation of these responses for analysis purposes can easily be done. Researchers can use the quantitative information or data collected to calculate or find the measures...

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