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Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)Over the years, many states as well as the Federal government have attempted to enact legislation to protect employee physical well-being on the job without much success. State laws governed factory inspections, machine guarding and provided limited provisions for health hazards, but many hazards were left uncontrolled. The end of a tedious political battle to enact government regulation of workplace hazards was marked by the signing into law the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in December 29, 1970.The Occupational Safety and Health Act or OSHA states the following: "each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to its employees. Each employer shall comply with the occupational safety and health standards promulgated under this act." (www.osha.gov).Highly publicized accidents in the steel and mining industries shocked the nation and led to the creation of the US Steel Committee in 1908 as well as the US Bureau of Mines in 1910. The US Steel Safety Committee's goal was to reduce the accident rates as much as possible. The committee was a safety first and its success caused it to spill over into other industries and led to the creation of the National Safety Council in 1915 (www.osha.gov). In 1913, Congress created the Department of Labor and its primary purposes were to improve working conditions in the nation and make unhealthy occupations healthy. Congress called on the Labor Department to report on industrial diseases and accidents (www.osha.gov).The threat to employee safety continued to grow into the 1950's and 60's and the Federal government began to take a more active role. The Walsh-Healey Act originally adopted in 1936, was amended in 1960. This Act permitted the Department of Labor to issue its own set of mandatory safety and health standards which applied to a broad range of industries (wikipedia.com). The new rules were quite unpopular because hearings had not been held prior to their adoption. Labor unions, industry officials and businesses were troubled that they were not consulted prior to the implementation of this act and protested.In response to the on-going protests the department held hearings in 1964. The wave of criticism grew during the hearing which forced the Department of Labor to examine all of its safety programs more closely and develop a coordinated safety and health policy between the Federal and State governments. A report issued in 1965 by the Pubic Health Service outlined newly detected technological dangers in the workplace stating that new chemicals enter into the workplace every 20 minutes and evidence showed a link between cancer and the workplace. The report cried out for a major national occupational health effort. In 1968 the Johnson Bill was introduced. This bill gave the Secretary of Labor authority to...

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1255 words - 5 pages ? The Health and Safety at Work Act requires that any company with more than five employees be legally obliged to possess a comprehensive health and safety policy. The employee is obligated under the common law duty of care. This means that the employee must also exercise reasonable skill and care in the relationship with the employer and colleagues. In addition, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 require the employee take reasonable care for

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766 words - 3 pages Employee Safety, Health and Welfare LawUniversity of PhoenixEmployee Safety, Health and Welfare LawThe area of employment safety, health and welfare requires the discussion of several factors, agencies and laws that have jurisdiction over the American workplace. The discussion of all agencies globally involved in the maintenance of a safe work environment is beyond the scope of this paper. This document will briefly discuss the effect of the

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949 words - 4 pages Employee's rights over the past 100 years have grown. Employees have earned these rights through labor disputes and accidents in the workplace. Lawmakers have decided to put laws in place to protect the employee and the employer. A few laws that have been passed and being enforces is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and Workers CompensationFMLAThe FMLA was signed into law in 1993 to assist


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1333 words - 6 pages people in the work place. · They prevention the risk from exposure to physical agents,vibration, noise vibration and lionising and any other radiations. · They help to provide information, instruction training and some supervision with safety and health to employees in work. · Provide instruction and training to employees on health and safety matters. · Appoint a competent person as an organisations safety officer. Role of the employee: · Report any

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Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law Paper

1061 words - 4 pages )-to care for a relative with a serious health conditions; or-to allow the employee to recuperate from his or her own serious health condition.The idea of a federal leave standard was controversial, and remains so to this day. Supporters argues that, especially as more women entered the workforce, workers should have a legal right to take leave as needed to care for family members who were sick or injured, or to care for infants. Family leave

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984 words - 4 pages During the 1930s, America was fighting the Great Depression and those who did find employment were forced to work for miniscule amounts, and many children were forced to find employment to help out their struggling families. A large majority of those children, who did find employment, were forced to work many hours for barely a livable wage. "The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) was enacted to establish standards for minimum wages

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1071 words - 4 pages Currently, I work for a company that acknowledges the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) but since becoming an employee of the company, I have never seen anyone take leave to care for him or herself or a family member. The company I work for extremely family oriented and if someone needed to take time off to care for someone in their family, Commercial Interiors, Inc. would not hesitate to allow them time off to do so. In this paper, I will go

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502 words - 2 pages Building Employee EnthusiasmIn the article, "Building Employee Enthusiasm", the author, Peter Staack, demonstrates the importance for organizations to increase their awareness of safety through the use of incentive promotional products. There is no substitute for a safety program that will save needed revenue normally utilized for workers compensation. Lowered worker's compensation claims are one of the most significant benefits that safety

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1234 words - 5 pages Pine Crest Development Construction Safety Policy I. Policy PCD is committed to safety on the jobsite and that accident prevention is a prime concern of all employees. PCD believes that no job or task is more important than employee health and safety. The PCD safety program will strive to maintain a safe and injury/illness free workplace for all our employees, sub-contractors and customers. It is the policy of Pine Crest Development (PCD) to

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2081 words - 8 pages remedy” — the only method for workers or their families to be compensated for the worker’s lost ability to work .Regardless of the size of the enterprise, or how they chose to measure it, the safety of each and every employee is crucial to your organization’s success. No matter how sophisticated the operations, activities, communication and data processing systems become, they are designed, maintained and operated by people. It took people to

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1092 words - 4 pages off from work to take care of their families or themselves and not worry about whether they will have a job to come back to after their leave expires.Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the employer is responsible to provide the employee a safe work environment that is free from any hazards or any life threatening possibilities. The General Duty clause demands employers to provide a safe work environment. If an incident does occur the