Employee Selection And Recruiting Through Social Networking

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Another factor when using social media to select employees is the topic of legality. There are certain legal constraints that come to play for both the employer and potential employee when using social media for hiring. The same laws and legal acts all apply even when using social media to hire employees. Still, there are certain laws and acts that are of main importance for employees and employers to keep in mind when utilizing online networks for hiring purposes. An employer must be mindful of what laws they have to follow and even the possible candidate should be familiar with what rights they have when it comes to social networking. An employer still has to abide by the same rules when selecting employee through social media. For example, an employer still must follow the VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 when using social networking to recruit employees. The VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that employers are forbidden from discriminating or not hiring an employee because of their race, age, color, religion, sex, or national origin (Barrick, Gatewood, & Feild, pg. 25). This act protects current employees that are already employed at the workplace as well as potential employees by, allowing them to have a fair and equal chance to obtain a job and avoid any type of discrimination.
Along with discrimination, certain legality limitations about internet applications are also important for employers to keep in mind when selecting employees. Employees must be given a clear and concise job description prior to filling out the online application. This is critical because, the employee has the legal right to know what the job description, requirements and qualifications are. There are additionally four main elements that employers and employees must think about when providing internet applications to fill available job positions. The potential candidate must express interest in employment through the internet by sharing their resume, completing an online application, and sending an e-mail to the HR manager (Barrick, Gatewood, & Feild, pg. 44). The employer must evaluate any and all characteristics of the individual against any and all qualifications for the job position (Barrick, Gatewood, & Feild, pg. 25). “The individual’s expression indicates that the person possesses the basic qualifications for the position” (Barrick, Gatewood, & Feild, pg. 25). “The individual must not remove herself from consideration for the position” (Barrick, Gatewood, & Feild, pg. 25).
The candidate has to express interest in the position, so, the employer is able to view their information and consider them for a position. Most companies require that an online application be filled out completely before any kind of consideration can take place for the candidate. If a person does not fill out an application or complete the employer’s regulations for employment, then, the employer has the right to exclude that person from obtaining the job position. It also is important for...

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