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Employee Wellness Programs Essay

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The health of employees can help or hold back a company, Today we have high stress jobs, rush hour traffic, and demanding schedules. Being healthy and fit is the way to conquer tomorrow.
We, the people in the workforce, are depended on to follow through with work commitments. A healthy employee is able to do more and feel well enough to enjoy it. We strive to do our best but how can we when we have low confidence on the job. Healthy employees impact the company, from the sole proprietorship to the large corporation. Keeping health-care costs low, reducing the absent rate is something that companies should be aware of. When a small business is trying to become larger, having employees who are healthy and stress free is important. Losing a member of an already small group due to being ill is not the way to be successful. A working environment should be enjoyable and productive, regardless of where you work.
With the health care costs going higher there is no wonder we have a low attendance rate. Many wait to the last minute to decide to see a doctor about their medical issue, and all of that could be prevented. There are so many areas that need to be addressed when it comes to what is going to slow down workers for companies. According to estimates by Dr. Jaime Claudio(1991), a corporate wellness consultant for Health Plus, a provider of health-care insurance, a broad eating awareness and weight- management program designed to improve long-term habits could produce an 80% reduction in the incidence of possible problems caused by obesity in the workplace. These problems include hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and work efficiency. Obesity is not the only eating disorder that is a problem, there is bulimia and anorexia. Smoking, drinking, substance abuse, and stress are that are also brought into place of work and stop efficiency of the tasks at hand. We have to be aware of issues that are there, but are not thought of as illnesses. There are people suffering from domestic abuse, depression and sleep disorders and etc. With all these areas, the employer has so much to worry about. Every problem affects profit and productivity.
As companies struggle to rein the health care costs, most overlook what may be a $150 billion problem: the nearly invisible drain on worker productivity caused by such common ailments as hay fever, headaches and even heartburn (Hemp, 2004). We tend to get up and just go to work and try to work through a stuffy nose or a migraine. We try to over look our discomforts. Researchers say that presenteeism-the problem of workers’ being on the job but, because of illness or other medical conditions, not fully functioning-- can cut individual productivity by one-third or more (Hemp, 2004). Companies think that when someone calls to say he or she can not come in because they are sick is going to hurt the company, but truth is coming to work sick is going to hurt more. When a person is absent there is no one to do...

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