Employees Are Increasingly Interested In Jobs With Flexible Work Schedules. What Factors Are Driving This Interest

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Factors driving the interest in flexible working is a flexible work schedule as flextime, telework , or a compressed work week . These are examples of the increasing variation in the timing and duration of working time, and location of work. Although the standard work schedule has traditionally been the norm in the organization , more and more employers are experimenting with a variety of flexible work schedules at the same time as they change jobs and the time zone system processes and work culture . In the rapid rise of flexible work schedules and other members of the organization not only the United States , but a phenomenon of global employment . Studies countries from the U.S. to ...view middle of the document...

What was found in the study is that the researchers have become more successful in answering the first two research questions about the potential benefits of a flexible work schedule , and hope, of explaining how to ensure successful implementation and adaptation of HR systems and organizational culture ( Ryan & Kossek , 2008) . This chapter is organized as follows : 1 ) a flexible work schedule , 2 ) related theories , 3 ) measurement challenges and characteristics of what makes an interlaced flexible schedule "flexible , " 4 ) as a result of individuals and organizations , and 5 ) research and future directions .
A flexible schedule allows employees to work hours that are different from the normal starting and quitting times . Especially in an environment for exempt employees , the hours are generally 8:00 to 5:00 or 9:00 to 6:00 and the 40-hour work week . At work is not exempt , often industrial , manufacturing , warehousing, or retail customers facing such , a flexible schedule depending on the amount of interdependence required in the work. A flexible schedule is also dependent on the availability of workers to cover all aspects of the work and all hours of the day during business that makes products or services to customers . In all flexible schedules , employers expect employees to work full time hours required or more . A flexible schedule involving either compressed work week...

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