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Employees Increasingly Interested In Jobs With Flexible Work Schedules. What Factors Are Driving This Interest?

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The world of work is transmuting. The working patterns experienced by the post-war baby boomer generation (born: 1946–1964) are no longer acceptable to much of generation X (born: 1965–1980) or the millennial generation (born: 1981–2000). Work-life balance has entered the business lexicon and it is here to stay. From the perspective of employers often faced with skills shortages and skills gaps. Provision of flexible working arrangements is now part and parcel of the brand image of many organisations, particularly where the labour market for staff is global – where it was once national or even local. Moreover, in a world of always-on, always-connected economies, the line between work and home is becoming increasingly blurred.
Standard traditional work time 9 a m to 5 p m. workers usually works under a standard work time. Flexible work arrangement (FWA) is the latest trends in working place- practise that allow employees to have more and variable time schedule and beyond eight-hours. Flexible work schedule have a different schedule from the standard work schedule. It became more popular given to the existence of nowadays technologies. It was introduced in Germany in 1967.Adherence in Switzerland then in the United states. The credit was given to Hewlett Packard. This was created to attract women with family into the workplace. Flexible work schedule must meet the employee and the employer needs that are agreed on both sides.
There are two categories which are flexible work schedule and compressed work schedules. Flexible work schedule have two workdays with core hours and flexible hours. Core hour needed all the worker to be at work. Flexible work hours are where the employee may choose their own work hour. Core hours need the worker to work 40 hours per week where the time is fix example on 3 pm till 11 pm daily. Meanwhile a worker needs to work 40 hour on their own time.

Flexible time schedule
Flexi-time customarily refers to a scheduling programme for full-time employees which allows them to operate their commencement and culminating times circadianly, provided they consummate a stipulated number of hours. In most instances, all employees may be required to be present during certain “core hours”, which is customarily fine-tuned at a period between the latest permissible starting time and earliest permissible culminating time. The desire for flexible working is growing. The transmuting context of work is engendering incipient challenges and opportunities that companies can only meet with the marginally suppleness that flexible working arrangements provide. In order to convince companies to embrace or elongate flexibility, the benefits must be transparent.
“Flexi time has made our work force more efficient and more focused while they are working. It is a step backwards to go back to rock solid hours. As long as an employee is getting the job done, they should be treated like an adult.” Hernreich, (2008)

Factors affecting...

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