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Employees Must Decide On Their Own To Quit Smoking, Not Under Force

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A place where people work must have specific rules regarding its hours and regulation. However, under no circumstances should employers decide for their employees whether they may smoke during their free time. People are capable of making decisions for themselves. In addition, enabling employers to decide for their employees about their lifestyle choices, might lead to employees having little control over their personal life. Finally, quitting smoking takes time. People adjust differently and a universal, fixed time frame for quitting smoking can lead to undesirable results for both the employer and employee.
Adults are capable of making their own decisions. Progressive, significant decisions from choosing a spouse to having a child are made by adults every day. In light of these crucial decisions, it is likely to assume that individuals are aware of the consequences of smoking. We are living in a modern world in which information is available and accessible. This provides us with the opportunity to learn more about our habits and their implications. If after examining the influences of smoking, an adult is still interested in doing it, then it should be respected, as long as it does not interfere with work.
Enabling employers to decide for their employees how they can behave after work hours, might lead to employees having little control over their personal life. In his article for The New York Times, Jeremy W. Peters brings several examples from the recent past that show attempts on the part of employers to control their employees’ behavior outside of work:
Until the mid-1990's, the airlines enforced policies that limited how much a flight attendant could weigh. In the 1980's, Electronic Data Systems,...

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