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The employer employee relationship is one of the most common relationships in the legal system. There are many different important parts to this relationship, including how the relationship is started, laws protecting employees and employers, discrimination, and also how a relationship can be terminated. There are many different factors that play a role in the way employees and employers interact with each other, and in the next few chapters i will go into detail a little more and try to explain how this all takes place under our current legal system.A relationship between an employer and employee exists when one person, the employee, is hired to work under the direction and control of another person, the employer. The relationship usually starts with the employee filling out an application for employment. This is so the employer can get basic information such as, work history, education, name, address, activities, salary expected, and also personal references that can give the employer a little more background about you. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was made which prohibits employers from discriminating against you because of sex, race, religion, or nationality. So questions involving those things are not allowed to be asked by the employer, whether it is in the application or verbally. The relationship is created by contract. It can either be in writing or oral, unless the contract is to last more then a year it has to be in writing to satisfy a state's statute of frauds. The contract can have any lawful terms that the employee or employer wish to include, such as time, pay, benefits, and also a description of the position which the employee will be assuming.Employers and employees alike have certain rights and can expect certain things from each other when a relationship is stared. Employers have the right to expect employees to have the skills that they state they have, They have the right to expect employees to perform at a certain level. Employers also have the right to tell the employee what tasks to perform and also how to perform those tasks. Employees have an agreement to work only for an employer during hours of employment meaning that they cant do personal tasks or work on private business ventures on the employers time. Employees are also expected to follow instructions set...

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