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Employing Games In Education Essay

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Teaching is an important theme in our life whereas the new attitude in education is recently directed to move from the traditional methods in teaching children to the modern ones.
Truly, teaching at school, and especially in the primary stage should be great fun, whereas using games as a technique can assist in supporting the students’ concentration and performance. Consequently games employment in schools can add a value in teaching, along with developing the student’s abilities, evolving their awareness and enhancing the education process.
This paper attempts to articulate with an in-depth discussion of the article written by Chow and Woodford (2011), titled “Deal or No Deal: using games to improve student learning, retention and decision-making”.
The paper will take into account three main points, the article’s purpose, its methodological analysis, and its findings connected to the conclusion.
Analyzing the Article
The authors of this article stated that students retention and understanding could indeed, be improved and enhanced by providing them alternative environments and learning activities. These alternative activities might include games simulations and exercises which highly stimulate the student’s interest through the educational process.
This sounds true focusing on the arguments of Aliya (2002), that implementing new techniques is actually easy to be learnt and understandable by these children. Moreover, at this stage students are obviously picking problems that may be easily solved focusing on their real learning challenges.
On the other hand, learning Math if viewed seriously, is a very scary task for children. In addition students often fail to understand that they cannot just memorize the mathematical concepts. They have to work through problems and understand the reasoning behind the math skills.
In the article,the authors also mention that in the traditional classroom, teaching methods and past negative experience also cause this anxiety. One has to agree with this statement focusing on the attitude of Bowman (1982), that kids often make comments like ‘Math has no real life usage’ or ‘Math is boring’. The basic challenge lies in the fact that what causes Math problems among those children. In order to find reasons behind these problems, one has to recognize that Mathematics is subject consisting of three main aspects, Foundational skills, Mathematical skills, and Knowledge. Therefore it is easy to understand that the most critical foundational skills are related to the visual memory, the visual perception, and the logical thinking. Boyle (2009), mentions that the learner needs to learn the ‘Mathematical Skills’ such as adding, counting, multiplication and subtracting.
The authors urge that there is much anxiety in learning hard topics like Math. This in fact corresponds to the statement clarified by Boyle (2009), that this anxiety is widespread all over the world. Since most of the...

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