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Employment And Unemployment In Ireland Essay

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Over the last several years, Ireland has experienced a dramatic change in employment. A quick study of the latest CSO “Employment and Unemployment” survey shows where jobs have been lost and gained, by sector of employment. Some sectors have seen job losses in the hundreds of thousands while other sectors have been slowly growing. The period from April 2007 to April 2013, there has been a loss of 266,000 jobs (CSO, 2013). The study suggests that the loss of jobs was greatest in the Construction and Industry sectors. While gains occurred in the Education, Information and Communications, and Human Health and Social Work sectors. These changes show that the tasks associated with low, skill and ...view middle of the document...

7% of third level employees, and a 5.1% increase in higher secondary and FETEC levels employees. While the demand for lower secondary educated employees may well drop by 9.8% (National Skills Bulletin, 2013, p. 28). There are other factors to illustrate the point; the number of new job permits issued in 2012 was 2982. Most of these permits were in areas of Information Technology, Healthcare, and Services (National Skills Bulletin, 2013, p. 64). Most of these new job permits were issued because certain skills could not be filled by the local labour market. The rising cost of living in Ireland has also contributed to the loss of jobs. As living expenses go up so do labour costs. In turn, this has caused production to become economically unviable. Resulting in the loss of many manufacturing and labour intensive jobs. Efficiency is another component to consider; as technology and production techniques improve, fewer people are needed to produce results. Leaving a person whom has dedicated years of work in a specialised area no longer useful to the labour market. Looked at from a broader range of job types, Agriculture, Services, and Industry. We can see that Agriculture and Industry have both declined, while Service job types have increased by 10.7% over the last decade. A change of 186-thousand job types to the Services industries (World Data Bank, 2013). Leaving a shortfall of tens of thousands, that for one reason or another could not make the transition. This is a growing trend seen throughout developed and growing economies around the world (World Data Bank, 2013). However, many people have adapted to the new roles been placed upon them. Even so, there is a large section of society left unable to find work in the changing...

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