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Employment At Will Essay

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John posted a rant on Facebook, due to the fact, he was upset with the company’s most important customer. Facebook is a social networking and social media. It is known for upset American workers to sometimes post their gripes of their workplace experience. When American workers’ post a rant discussing their problematic situations on Facebook, blogging can spread amongst areas within and outside the company areas. Facebook blogging is an unrestricted segment for permitting communication and not looked upon as an area to vent out their feelings toward situations in their workplace.

Moreover, there are company polices John are mandated to sign, as well as all other employees required to ...view middle of the document...


Moreover, Jim, Ellen and Bill will be fired from the company for violating the common laws of the employment-at-will rule. Some of the common law includes: to promise good faith and dealings in the contract of employment and imply contractual terms (not to dismiss except for good cause (Halbert, 2012). Circumstances like Bill using the company-issued Blackberry to run his own business is unacceptable. This is not implying the act of good faith and dealing for the company and the employment-at-will is enforced.

Sometimes Whistleblowers can create a negative type of behavior and employees may not be aware of these rational motives. There is a thin-line between the employee’s level of public service to be used for encourage of whistle-blowing behavior or undesirable behavior. If the employees are not educated on the rules and regulations of whistleblowing, than the situation will not look good for the so-called whistleblowers.

If I was a Chief Executive Officer, I would implement the whistleblower policy in the company. The reason why I would recommend this policy is aim to: ensure all employees feel supported in speaking up in confidence and reporting matters they suspect involve anything, improper, unethical or inappropriate; unethical or inappropriate behavior to be identified and challenged at all levels of the organization; provide clear procedures for the reporting of such matters; manage all disclosures in a timely, consistent and professional manner; and provide assurance that all disclosures will be taken seriously, treated as confidential and managed without fear of retaliation ( Whistleblowing policies should be implemented into companies, due to fact, to make sure management are effective or abiding the company policies.

The fundamental items that should be included in a whistleblower policy are proper investigation and action; act as an early warning system and to encourage internal disclosure and set the clear stands of behavior for employees. Setting clear standards of behavior for employees demonstrate that companies know the importance of wrong doings and malpractice and of putting it right.

The act as an early warning systems and encourage internal disclosure reduces the risk of...

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