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Week One AssignmentEmployment Conflict Management Concepts Worksheet

Application of Concept in Scenario

Citation of Concept in Reading

Personal Experience in your Organization

Workplace Conflict A condition between or among workers whose jobs are interdependent, who feel angry, who perceive the other(s) as being at fault, and who act in ways that cause a business problem.

Workplace conflict is apparent in this scenario. Conflict arises from Mr. Bodkin being laid off simply because he puts the spotlight of truth on the practices of the age-adverse, and how Munger wanting to feed his aged parents. There are many ways that employers can help employees deal with the conflicts that arise between work and outside caretaking obligations, or accommodating minor schedule changes to recognize the need for diabetics to eat, or for those with arthritis to move their joints.

Dana, 2001 p. 5

Workplace conflicts are the cost of doing business. As a director of HR and Shared Services, I see them every day. Its just a matter of how they are dealt with.

Power Imbalances
If one party has more power than the other, the conflict is unbalanced; many of the choices the parties then make are attempts to alter these imbalances.

Accord and Munger are in disagreement over the new policy over frequent absences from the office. Dennis needs to tend to his elderly parents for an hour everyday, which goes against the policy requiring approval by Stan in advance. Dennis does not understand why he has to change his normal routine just because there is a new Clerk of Court who is making him feel like he is being mistreated.

Wilmot−Hocker, 2007, p. 115

I have few issues with power imbalances within my department. Recently, Japan sent a replacement president to implement cost cutting measures at all cost. Conflicts arise concerning resources and oftentimes rejected by the new president, causing conflicts to become unbalanced.

Avoidance and Culture
Whether avoidance is productive or destructive generally depends on the cultural contexts. Cultures differ in their valuing of avoidance.
When one avoids, the implicit social hierarchy is reinforced-so avoidance makes sure the social bonds are not disrupted.

The County Clerk's culture consists of older workers, much older than Stan Accord.
Accord avoided dealing with these older workers with lay-offs for those with the average age of 50, which made it appear he was targeting the older employees because they sought job flexibility to care for aging parents. This caused the National...

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