Employment In The Information, Communication And Technology Sector

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Employment in the Information, Communication and Technology Sector
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The purpose of this report is to fulfil the criteria laid out in the Communications and Work Experience Modules, G20001 and W200008
According to IBM, data created in the last two years account for 90% of the information available on networks and the internet. (IBM Research) As a consequence, it is not surprising that there is such high Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) skills demand. In May 2013, FIT Ireland (Fast Track to IT) conducted a skills audit in response to 4500 unfilled ICT job vacancies. FIT found that the predominant cause was an ICT skills shortage.
Firstly, this report will describe the ICT sector and its range of occupations in the current climate. Next, this report will detail the qualifications and experience needed for work associated with employment in this sector. Lastly, this report will discuss employment and career opportunities in this area.
This report will be carried out using a secondary research method, by performing a literature review.
The Information, Communication and Technology Sector and its Range of Occupations
ICT refers to the input, storage, transfer, access, manipulation, analysis and transmission of data and the manufacturing of technology to facilitate data. It is also an umbrella term for computer hardware and software, mobile devices and tablets, telecommunications, radio and television, satellite and the internet.
The ICT Sector affects almost every industry in Ireland. Even industries far removed from the ICT Sector, such as Farming, Manufacturing and Construction makes use of ICT and in larger companies may even run their own IT department.
As a result of FIT’s study, job advertisement and ICT Ireland’s report of 17’500 ICT jobs announced by ICT companies in the last three years, it is, therefore, assumed that the ICT Sector is a growing sector in Ireland and International. The spectrum of occupations in the ICT Sector is broad. Even though it includes Leaving Certification Entry occupations such as Data Input Operator, Level 6 and Third Level Qualifications such as Ordinary Bachelor’s Degrees and Honours Degrees, are integral to desirable ICT occupations.
Due to the increase in popularity of mobile devices and tablets by consumers, the decline in the Personal Computer Market (Technology, 2013) is escalating, and consequentially, hardware and software development for the mobile market is on the increase as well as the development of Wi-Fi (Wireless Local Area Network) technology.

The Main Occupations in the Current ICT Sector (Durrow Communications, 2013)
Electronics Engineer (Skills Shortage)
An Electronics Engineer Invent and design the hardware technology used in the ICT Sector, from control circuits to satellite digital telecommunications systems.
Software Engineer (Skills Shortage)
A Software Engineer uses code in the form of a computer language to develop and modify...

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