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Employment is playing an increasingly role in our social lives and at the meantime it is a vital task for every university graduate. It is not only as a challenge for the graduates but also as a new opportunity when facing the choice of jobs. On the other hand, with an enormous global financial crisis aggravating the difficulties in the fierce job market, many consider the future for the country's fresh college graduates to be bleak. (Wang, 2008) The fresh graduates will face unprecedented pressure in the summer; they do not happy with their holidays and worried about new problemsfinding jobs.This essay is to demonstrate that the employment prospects for fresh graduates. Let more students know what the situation about their jobs and I hope they can prepare all these processes in advance. The target of my essay is the students who are major in Computing. This major concludes many branches of computer, such as Computer science, Computer software/hardware, E-commerce, Computer Internet System and so on. We often call "IT" in this career that related to computer.Today, computer has popularized in the world. A large number of people are engaged in IT. It is a large area that the company needs competent people to create new ideas for the new technologies. Therefore computer has a good prospect for college graduates.Actually the people in all of majors are eager to get better jobs in peers. There are some reasons why they are learning this major. First they think Computing is part of everything we do in our developing society. Then they think Computing offers many types of lucrative careers. And some students think Computing enables people to make a positive difference in the world.Adding to a shrinking job market for graduates is the competition from their peers returning from studies overseas. Faced with such uncertainty, many students have decided that further study for higher degrees would improve their chances of entering the workplace."This year, the number of new recruits in the job market has halved and most positions are for experienced applicants only," said Carol Cai, an employee of British market research company TNS."Employers always give preference to applicants with some experience so the unemployed possess more advantages than fresh graduates, whose inexperience often works against them in the job search," said Tang Xiaolin, director of the career development center of China FuDan University.The IT industry employs nearly 5% of UK workers. Within the UK economy, over three quarters of people now use IT as part of their job role. The UK economy will require an average of 141,000 new IT professionals every year for the next four years (Technology Counts IT & Telecoms Insights 2008, e-skills UK, January 2008).I did a survey to know China university students think about their future jobs and in their mind what advantages the employers prefer. The main object of this research is the...

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