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Empowerment In The Leadership Environment In Your Organization

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Empowerment in the Leadership Environment in Your Organization

The purpose of this paper is to identify how empowering in our organization is to the nurses on a scale of 1 to 4 (1: Not at All, 2: Slightly, 3: Moderately, 4: Very). After completing the Leadership Environment Assessment Survey, found in chapter nine of The New Leadership Challenge: Creating the Future of Nursing, I will identify “No” responses that I think could be changed to “Yes” and explains why. Lastly, I will explain how I can empower myself to change those identified “No” responses to “Yes”.
Empowering within our Organization
The concept of empowering within an organization is vital to its survival. Within my organization I would say that empowering would be at three. This is more than likely a temporary situation, as we are experiencing dramatic change and uncertainty during the merger and restructuring. After the dust settles, and a sense of normalcy returns, I believe as an organization, we will be once again at a level four. Creating a sense of ownership and voice, one needs to feel autonomous, valued, and in control of their surroundings (Keys, 2009). In a world of continued chaos and change, the strongest and lasting ideas most often come from the ground up (Laureate Education, 2010a). It is the clinical staff and future leaders that are the foundation of an organization. Through transformational leadership we support and encourage the followers to think outside the box, to exceed the standards, and to work collectively to achieve a common goal (Grossman & Valiga, 2009b). Leaders need to encourage staff to become active participants within their surroundings, self empowerment, and to be accountable. This is achieved by actively participating on committees, becoming part of professional organizations, and increasing knowledge base by obtaining additional certifications, learning new skills, and going back to school to obtain a higher education. Bottom line, knowledge is power.
“No” responses that can be changed to “Yes”
There are a couple of “No” responses that can be changed to a “Yes” response , partly due to the uncertainty and change we are experiencing during the merger. For example, “are individual group members encouraged to take risks and try new things?” Individuals are not as eager today to stand alone, take a risk, or to think too much outside the box until they are more secure with their individual position during the restructuring. This view is more relevant at the administrators and director level. In the past, this ideal way of thinking was strongly encouraged from all levels, change was embraced. At a clinical level I continue to encourage autonomy, professional growth, and creative thinking. As change continues, it is vital to keep the empowerment mind set, as strong and lasting changes starts from the clinical level (Grossman & Valiga, 2009c).
Another example of “no” responses that I believe can be changed is “are accomplishments of group...

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