Empty Shoes: The Realization Of Teenage Driving Accidents

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It is 2 a.m. when Kevin picks up the phone. On the other end, a voice tells him of an accident involving his daughter, Hailey. He and his wife jump out of bed and rush to the scene. Once they arrive, the officer tells them the news. A week later a funeral is held in remembrance of a precocious 16-year-old who was taken too soon. Months pass but the pain still lingers in Kevin’s heart. He decides to speak out at Hailey’s high school and inform the students of the dangers of teenage driving. When he is done speaking, a teacher comes up to him and thanks him for what he has done. She too has lost a child to teenage driving and has found it hard to deal with, even though it has been 5 years since the passing. Kevin then realizes there are other families who are grieving over the same situation. After he leaves the school, he calls his wife and tells her how they can help prevent teen deaths. They pack up their belongings and head out to inform various high schools of the increasing teen accident rates. During each presentation, Hailey’s shoes are brought out as a reminder of the results of her accident. When the presentation concludes, students are required to fill out a survey. As Kevin reads through them, satisfaction arises and he knows he and his wife have conquered what they set out to do. While driving is a privilege, teens often forget this and instead make senseless decisions, which ends up costing them their life or someone else’s.

When a teen is finally able to acquire a driver’s license, they are overwhelmed. No more having to worry about their parents riding with them and critiquing their every move. But what actually happens when parents are taken out of the vehicle? According to the Iowa DOT, “Take mom and dad out of the car and the crash rate increases 700 percent” (“Teen Crash Facts” 2). People believe this to be true because with a combination of inexperience and overconfidence, teens think driving is a necessity rather than a serious task. All too often, teens drive around spinning their tires, tailgating others, speeding, and other menacing activities. But what is sensational about driving around in a manner of recklessness? In the United States, car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens (“Teen Crash Facts” 7). Between 2002 and 2006, drivers from ages 14-17 were involved in 39,561 crashes in Iowa (“Teen Crash Facts” 8). Out of the 39,561 people involved, 188 of them were killed and 119 of them were between the ages of 14-17 (“Teen Crash Facts” 8). Numerous factors are contributing to these crashes: not using a safety belt, the number of passengers in the vehicle, the use of electronic devices, and various others . Even though these reasons are resulting in deaths, there are ways in which accidents can be reduced.

A simple click is all it takes to help save lives. In 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Center for Statistics and...

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