Encomium And Invective Essay On The American Diet

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###### This essay lacks any real information and contains profanity. #### Analysis
The game plan, for this encomium/invective paper, is most likely going to consist of a little bit of everything. I have chosen a topic about the health effects of the American diet. The reader will see both sides of the story, but they shall also see a leaning to one side, harder than the other. My personal view is that the American diet is very shitty. We, as Americans, should be ashamed of what we consider “food,” as well as, what we put into our bodies. If we would take the time to actually look at what we eat, like the ingredients, and actually understand or know what they are, then maybe we wouldn’t be one of the fattest countries in the world. I will most definitely come at you from my personal opinions, because who doesn’t love a “fat” guy’s opinion about the American diet. Plus, I have experienced both sides of the American diet, the good and bad. There are healthy “American Diets” but some are just too “hard” to follow. Also, there are some diets that can harm you, as compared to, doing something beneficial for you body. So, let’s ride this train and take what I have to say for what it’s worth, because my points will be valid but some may be just absurd or funny.
I am a perfect example of how the American diet can be both good and bad. My weight has always been an issue for me; I have always been a big guy, or if you’re rude, “fat.” Personally, I have tried all sorts of American diets to help control my weight, trying to be in the healthy range for body mass index. But, I always find myself bad on the bad diets and there for America needs to know the health effects of those diets.
I guess starting with myself is a good place to start. As a young boy, I was always big and wanted to be small like everyone else. So, I starved myself or tried crazy diets to lose weight as fast as possible. The craziest diet, that I participated in, was taking some diet pills, eating very little to no food, and only drinking water. As a result, I looked great, but physically I felt shitty day in and day out. Anyways, I found this great company called Herbalife, and they were exactly the type of company I was looking for.
Herbalife is a global nutrition company, which was established in the 1980’s. The founder’s name was Mark Hughes, passed away in 2000; he had a...

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